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Adjournment speech: National Water Commission

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (22:03): Among the numerous disappointments coming from the federal government, it is fair to say that the decision to shut down the National Water Commission is but one. But this is one that deserves close attention. As a nation, we are facing major challenges to our water supplies. The biggest threat, however, is the complete disregard from the federal government for the importance of this issue.

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Media Alert: Greens welcome Woop Woop horse riders campaigning for clean water and no CSG mining

3 December 2013

Greens welcome Woop Woop horse riders campaigning for clean water and no CSG mining

WHAT:  Donna and Mick Franklin are riding to Canberra to raise awareness about the dangers of Coal Seam Gas mining and the importance of water as part of ‘The Woop, Woop Ride’ campaign. Donna and Mick have been riding for three months with a team of nine horses.

Starting at Grafton in September and following the National Trail stock routes, they have braced bushfires, thunderstorms and flooded river crossings. 

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Sinodinos and Australian Water donations show reform overdue

Lee Rhiannon 27 Feb 2013

The controversy surrounding Australian Water Holdings and its former chair Arthur Sinodinos over donations to both federal and NSW Coalition parties and AWH's links with a company associated with Eddie Obeid underlines why the federal government and opposition should back political donation reform, Australian Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said today. 

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O’Farrell attempts to muddy waters on donations reform

Lee Rhiannon 31 Jan 2012

Blog by Senator Lee Rhiannon

Considering the NSW Liberal Party has received more than $45 million in political donations since 1999 it is a fair guess that the NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell, as a staffer and now as a politician, would have attended his  share of fundraisers and helped rake in this money.

He has been part of the Liberal machine that equated money with political success for more than two decades. The Liberal Party on many occasions has looked after the corporate interests of its donors.

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