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Labor set to let down students by backing Coalition scholarship cut

Lee Rhiannon 30 Jul 2014

Greens higher education spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

"Reports that Labor is going to vote with the Coalition to slash Start-Up scholarships and replace them with loans is alarming as the impact this will have on disadvantaged students and families will be severe.

"If Labor votes to end the $2050-a-year scholarship which helps students from -disadvantaged backgrounds as well rural and regional areas, they will be supporting the Coalition's brutal attack on students and public education.

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Poll: Australians oppose Abbott's elitist agenda for higher education

Lee Rhiannon 2 Jul 2014

Independent polling commissioned by the Greens confirms that the Coalition Government's elitist changes to higher education are opposed by an overwhelming majority of the community.

“People of all ages from across Australia in regional and metropolitan areas know how damaging these changes are to students and to Australia’s economy,” said Greens spokesperson for higher education Senator Lee Rhiannon.

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Greens condemn Abbott’s elitist plan for universities

Lee Rhiannon 28 Apr 2014

Greens higher education spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has called on Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne to come clean on their plans to increase student fees and deregulate the university system.

“For months, Mr Pyne has deflected questions about his plans to impose a privatised university system by hiding by the budget. Now he is warding off questions by making these announcements overseas”, Senator Rhiannon said.

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Greens reject Kemp-Norton review's plan to unleash free market ideology into university system

Lee Rhiannon 14 Apr 2014

Greens spokesperson for higher education Senator Lee Rhiannon has called on Education Minister Christopher Pyne to reject recommendations in the Kemp-Norton review into demand driven funding calling for the system to be expanded to include private institutions and the abolition of participation targets.

"Minister Pyne can't bury his head in the sand and simply say the Government's response will be outlined in the budget," Senator Rhiannon said.

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Pyne’s ‘deregulate’ call first step to lower university standards?

Lee Rhiannon 24 Oct 2013

Responding to Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s comments on changes in the mechanism for maintaining university standards Greens higher education spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

“Universities receive billions from the federal government so it is appropriate there is regulation to ensure that public money is being spent to enhance the quality of education at our campuses.

“When Mr Pyne calls on the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency to ‘deregulate’, those committed to quality higher education have many reasons to be concerned.

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Greens launch bid to boost university funding

The Australian Greens today launched a new plan to boost university funding by 10 per cent - or $1.474 billion - over the next four years to improve the quality of higher education.

The Greens proposal, which has been costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office and is calculated on base funding levels prior to Labor's $2.3 billion budget cuts, will be gradually phased in from 2014 to 2017, applied at a rate of 2.5 per cent per calendar year from 1 January next year.

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