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Greens submission to Westconnex ANAO audit

The Australian Greens and Greens NSW have made a joint submission to the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) around the approval and administration of Commonwealth funding for the WestConnex project. 

The ANAO has outlined that the ‘objective of this audit is to assess whether appropriate steps were taken to protect the Commonwealth's interests and obtain value for money in respect to the $3.5 billion in Commonwealth funding committed to the NSW Government for the WestConnex project.’

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Westconnex - another toll road to destruction

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon and Greens Victorian Senator Janet Rice have commented on the approval of stage 2 of the Westconnex motorway, announced yesterday by Minister Hunt.  

Senator Rhiannon said, “By every single metric – financial, social, environmental and health-wise – Westconnex is a destructive project and the public are being forced to foot a scandalously high bill to pay for it.

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Greens stand with activists against dud WestConnex project

This morning four women opposed to the WestConnex project occupied a house in Ashfield, one of four in that block slated for demolition to make way for the $16.8 million motorway. All four were arrested.

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, Greens candidate for Grayndler Jim Casey and Greens candidate for Chifley Eliza James say the project is a scandalous waste of public money that should be used to expand public transport in Western Sydney. 

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Adjournment speech: WestConnex

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (20:44):

On another point, I take up the issue of WestConnex, a proposed motorway development for Sydney. In one of the Prime Minister's books, Battlelines, he states that even the 'humblest person is king in his own car'. We might well ask: what about the Queen's? Managing to be both subtly discriminatory and antiquated at the same time is an interesting attribute of Mr Abbott's. Here he has provided an insight into his vision for transport infrastructure.

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Greens respond to Qantas job cuts

21 February 2014

Responding to reports that Qantas is preparing to announce major route cuts and up to 3,000 job losses Greens spokesperson for transport Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

“This latest salvo shows how low Alan Joyce is prepared to go in strong arming the government into amending the Qantas Sale Act and allowing Qantas to be sold off to foreign governments.

“Alan Joyce has form in using the threat of job and service cuts to pressure the government to get his way.

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Proposed Badgerys Creek airport plan opens door to more developer deals

5 February 2014

Proposed Badgerys Creek airport plan opens door to more developer deals

The Greens say the expected Federal cabinet announcement on a second airport at Badgerys Creek is a con job on the people of Western Sydney designed to boost developer profits using misleading claims about jobs growth and noise pollution

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Greens accuse Qantas of political stunt in Hobart pull out

15 January 2014

The Greens have slammed the decision made by Qantas management to pull out of operations in Hobart and fire 35 staff as a political stunt that ignores the interests of workers and customers.

"This announcement by Qantas is the latest in a series of decisions made by management designed to put political pressure on the federal government," Greens spokesperson for Transport Senator Rhiannon said.

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Senate calls on Government to seriously consider investing in Qantas

12 December 2013

The Australian Senate today passed a motion by Australian Greens spokesperson for Transport Senator Lee Rhiannon, noting the significant benefits of a majority Australian owned Qantas and calling on the government to seriously consider investing in the airline.

"After Holden's announcement yesterday, it has become even more important for the government to step in and protect Australian jobs," Senator Rhiannon said.

"Qantas management are escalating the issue by putting the jobs of thousands of their workers on the line.

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Greens oppose Abbott push for privatisation-by-stealth

Lee Rhiannon 16 Oct 2013

Greens oppose Abbott push for privatisation-by-stealth

15 October 2013

The Australian Greens are opposing moves by the Abbott Government to implement privatisation by stealth through changes to Infrastructure Australia.

The Abbott government is planning to change the governance model for Infrastructure Australia in a move that would open the door to cutting spending on much needed infrastructure, particularly public transport.

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