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Make TAFE a Priority

Lee Rhiannon 9 Aug 2013

The Australian Greens have announced a $1.2 billion TAFE rescue package to prioritise federal spending on revitalising the TAFE system to build Australia's skills future.  The Greens are calling on the federal government to overhaul the current VET funding arrangements that have directed billions of dollars to private training providers ahead of TAFEs.

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Labor sides with Coalition: votes down Greens motion supporting public TAFE system

Lee Rhiannon 9 Oct 2012

The Labor government has failed to protect the public TAFE system by voting against a motion put by the Greens Higher Education spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon.

The motion was voted down by the major parties.

"Labor has again left TAFE teachers and students out in the cold," Senator Rhiannon said.

"It is not surprising that the Coalition voted against a motion backing a publicly resourced TAFE system.

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