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Greens back Red Line Principles - pathway for political donation reform

Lee Rhiannon 15 Jun 2018

The Australian Greens have announced their backing for the Red Line Principles drawn up by the ‘Hands Off Our Charities’ alliance. These principles provide guidance on the Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Bill 2017 and the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Bill 2017. 

“The Greens welcome the Red Line Principles as they clearly set out practical measures to resolve the impasse over legislation that goes to the heart of how democracy works," said Leader of the Australian Greens Dr Richard Di Natale.

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Caps on donations and greater transparency key to saving our democracy from big business influence: Senate Inquiry

The Australian Greens today called upon Labor and the Liberals to back reforms to cap political donations and increase transparency to help restore the public’s faith in our democracy, following the release of a blockbuster report into the influence of these donations in Australia.

Leader of the Australian Greens Dr Richard Di Natale, who served as Chair of the Senate Select Committee into the Political Influence of Donations, said the report threw open a curtain on the sordid underbelly of influence peddling in Canberra.

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Chau Chak Wing not touched by Turnbull govt’s electoral funding ‘reform’

Lee Rhiannon 23 May 2018

Responding to the latest political funding scandal that links a major donor to the Coalition and Labor with international bribery allegations, Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon called for real donations reforms to be in place before the next election, including caps on donations from domestic sources.

Billionaire Chau Chak Wing, a generous donor to the Liberal and Labor parties, has been alleged to be an unindicted co-conspirator in an FBI bribery case. 

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Motions: Donations to political parties

Lee Rhiannon 13 Apr 2018

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (15:49): I move:

That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

   (i) in McCloy v New South Wales (2015), the High Court found that prohibiting political donations from a certain industry was permissible if the prohibition was proportionate to the risk of actual or perceived corruption,

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Parliamentary Report puts Turnbull Government on back foot over attempt to curtail civil society

Lee Rhiannon 11 Apr 2018

MEDIA RELEASE - 9 April 2018

Parliamentary Report puts Turnbull Government on back foot over attempt to curtail civil society 

The Australian Greens have congratulated charities and non-government groups for their broad based campaign that has successfully pushed the Turnbull government onto the back foot with their attempt to limit community campaigning and advocacy.

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$14.8m in political donations revealed - corrupting influence demands reform

Lee Rhiannon 1 Feb 2018

MEDIA RELEASE - 1 February 2018

$14.8m in political donations revealed - corrupting influence demands reform

Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has called on the Prime Minister to withdraw the government’s seriously flawed electoral funding Bill following the release today of the AEC data on political donations and payments made over the previous financial year.

For the 2016-17 financial year over $207 million was paid to political parties, which includes public election funding.

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Foreign donations ban: government admits big money corrupts

Lee Rhiannon 6 Dec 2017

MEDIA RELEASE - 6 December 2017

Foreign donations ban- government admits big money corrupts

Commenting on the government’s bill to ban political donations from foreign entities, Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Rhiannon says that the logic should be extended to donations from domestic sources and the Greens will move amendments to that effect.

“With this bill, the Turnbull government has admitted that big money corrupts politics,” said Senator Rhiannon.

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