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Adjournment Speech: Palestine

Tuesday 8 August

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (21:21): I recently returned from a self-funded fact finding trip to Palestine. As well as visiting Australian aid projects in the West Bank, I met with organisations and Palestinians living inside the 1948 borders of Israel. This was a very informative visit. I do thank Union Aid Abroad and EuroPal for their assistance.

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Commentary on current developments in Palestine-Israel - Rhiannon visits region

Lee Rhiannon 25 Jul 2017

Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has just returned from Palestine-Israel and is available for interviews.

She was in the region for nine days and was in Jerusalem when the incidents at the Al Aqsa Mosque occurred.

At mass protests against the Israeli operations at the Mosque three young Palestinians were killed by the Israeli military. An increasing number of Middle Eastern countries are calling on the Israeli government to end their increased military presence in Jerusalem.

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Senator Lee Rhiannon gives support for Women’s Boat to Gaza

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has given her full support for the Women’s Boat to Gaza, set to sail from its port in Barcelona this week. The Women’s Boat to Gaza is the latest initiative of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition. 

Greens MPs David Shoebridge and Dr Mehreen Faruqi have also given their support. 

“The blockade of Gaza – jointly maintained by Israel and Egypt – is nearly a decade old and the reality of life for Palestinians living in this enclave is devastating. 

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Australian Greens for Palestine, Third Edition

Lee Rhiannon 19 Jul 2016

The Australian Greens have long worked inside and outside parliament to oppose Israel’s illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories, beginning with the election of Jo Vallentine in 1990.

The Greens understand that justice for Palestinians is critical to achieving lasting peace in the region for Israelis and Palestinians.

Click the link below to download Australian Greens for Palestine.

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Gantz discussion silenced in Senate

The government has today refused a formal Senate vote on the war record of former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defence Force, the Australian Greens said today. 

"The Minister for Immigration has set a precedent for intervening in specific cases in recent times, but this one apparently can't even be discussed," Australian Greens Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

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Australia must end the silence on Palestine

Lee Rhiannon 9 Jul 2014

The NSW Greens are calling on all political parties to condemn Israel's military attacks on Gaza and the West Bank.

According to reports, at least 41 Palestinians have been killed in the last 72 hours in Gaza by Israeli forces with 130 wounded. Eleven children under 15 are reported among those killed.

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