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Gaza: 680 dead, 3700 injured, entire families wiped out; any deal must include an end to the occupation

Three weeks since the attack on Gaza began, and one week since the ground invasion began the Greens NSW say that any ceasefire deal between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza must include an end to Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories and to the blockade of Gaza.

Greens NSW Upper House MP David Shoebridge said: "To date the Australian government has refused to take a position against Israel's brutal military offensive in Gaza, which has left over 680 Palestinians dead and more than 3700 injured.

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Australia must end the silence on Palestine

Lee Rhiannon 9 Jul 2014

The NSW Greens are calling on all political parties to condemn Israel's military attacks on Gaza and the West Bank.

According to reports, at least 41 Palestinians have been killed in the last 72 hours in Gaza by Israeli forces with 130 wounded. Eleven children under 15 are reported among those killed.

The Israeli Cabinet has authorised the calling up of 40,000 army reservists ahead of a possible ground offensive.  At least 1,500 soldiers have already been deployed around the perimeter of Gaza.

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