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Shelving T4 coal port is a win for public health, climate change

Lee Rhiannon 12 Apr 2013

The Greens today have welcomed reports that Port Waratah Coal Services has delayed Newcastle's proposed forth coal terminal T4, calling it a testament to the strength and tenacity of the local community campaign. They are calling on Port Waratah Coal to withdraw the T4 application.

Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon said "Shelving T4 is great news for people concerned about coal dust up and down the Hunter coal chain and a step towards reining in carbon emissions to safeguard our climate.

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Newcastle set to host Senate Inquiry into Air Pollution

Lee Rhiannon 9 Apr 2013

Newcastle has been confirmed as the first site for public hearings in the Greens-initiated Senate Inquiry into Air Pollution, scheduled next Tuesday 16 April. The Greens will host a public meeting on the eve of the Senate hearings at Newcastle Town Hall.

"Securing a Senate hearing in Newcastle is a win for the local campaign and a testament to the flood of submissions sent into the Inquiry from people concerned about the health impacts of coal dust in the Hunter", said Greens Senator Lee Rhianon.

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Coal dust results demand Hunter inquiry hearings and T4 rejection

Lee Rhiannon 8 Mar 2013

Federal Hunter MP Joel Fitzgibbon should be working alongside the Greens to secure hearings in the Hunter of a Senate inquiry into the impacts of air quality on health in light of new research results showing coal dust levels injurious to residents' health, says Australian Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon.

"CTAG's study results show coal dust fine particles, which scientists are dubbing ‘the new asbestos', at levels dangerous to human health and Mr Fitzgibbon should be ashamed of his past stance arguing against Senate hearings in the Hunter ," Senator Rhiannon said.

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Greens push on in Hunter’s Sick of Coal campaign

Lee Rhiannon 12 Nov 2012

Cathy Burgess, long time Hunter Valley resident and local nurse, summed up the growing sentiment in this coal impacted region: “How bad does Hunter’s air pollution need to be before the government will act?”

I was with Cathy and about 150 locals packed into a community meeting in Newcastle last Thursday to hear the NSW Environment Minister, Robyn Parker, attempt to justify the unjustifiable – giving the go ahead to the proposed fourth coal terminal.

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Senator in Hunter, Newcastle for big push on Inquiry on health impact of coal dust

Lee Rhiannon 8 Nov 2012


Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon will be campaigning on the ground in the Hunter today urging local Federal MPs to put their support behind a Senate inquiry into the impact of the coal mining, coal rail infrastructure and coal export industry on air quality and public health. A Greens motion to establish this Inquiry is due to be voted on in the Senate on 21 November 2012.

Senator Rhiannon will visit Maitland and Newcastle, meeting with concerned locals and urging residents to contact their federal MPs to support the Inquiry.

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Motion for Hunter inquiry into health impacts of coal expansion

Lee Rhiannon 6 Nov 2012

Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon gave notice of a motion calling for an inquiry into the impact the proposed T4 coal loader in Newcatle Harbour and the Hunter Valley coal rail, coal mining and coal export industry has on air quality and public health.

Notice of Motion - Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales)


I give notice that on 21 November 2012 I will move:

That the Senate—

1)      Notes that:

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