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Bondi Pavilion

Lee Rhiannon 14 Sep 2016

Bondi Pavilion is one of the nation's jewels. Recognised in 2008 by the Australian government as having 'exceptional' cultural significance, the National Estate listing identified Bondi as 'one of Australia's most treasured places' and 'one of the world's most famous beaches where Australians meet nature's challenge in the surf'. Bondi Pavilion is a central part of the Bondi experience.

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Coalition follows Macdonald tactics on how to deliver for mining companies

Lee Rhiannon 30 Jul 2013

How ironic that on the eve of the ICAC findings into possibly the biggest corruption case in NSW politics the O’Farrell government announces a plan to change the rules in favour of mining companies. 

The latest proposed law change “to promote the development of significant mineral resources” would be toasted in the board rooms of Rio Tinto, the world’s fourth-largest publicly listed mining company. 

As we saw in the 16 year reign of the last NSW Labor government the financial muscle of the mining industry has many friends on Macquarie Street. 

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Regional NSW hurt by budget cuts to Infrastructure Fund

Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon has criticised federal Labor for slashing the Regional Infrastructure Fund by a massive $2 billion over the next seven years, saying it will frustrate much needed public transport and other critical infrastructure projects for NSW.

"Only $2.4 billion over nine years is left for improvements to regional infrastructure because Labor has failed to fix the mining tax. The government has baulked at taking on mining companies and abolishing fossil fuel subsidies, making regional NSW the bunny," Senator Rhiannon said.

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Speech: Ian Macdonald and NSW Labor

Lee Rhiannon 14 May 2013

Adjournment debate, Tuesday 14 May 2013

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (21:06): On 4 February 2009 journalist Alex Mitchell wrote:

NSW Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald is standing by the poker machine waiting to pull a jackpot for the coal mining industry. But who will get the prizes?

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High Speed Rail a winner for NSW, Albanese should put skates on

Lee Rhiannon 11 Apr 2013

Greens Transport spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has called on Minister Anthony Albanese to fast-track High Speed Rail pointing to the benefits for the NSW economy, tourism and regional jobs growth.

"Anthony Albanese is very skilled in creating bridges built of reports, spin and empty consultation between elections to make him look busy trying to solve a problem," Senator Rhiannon said.

"This is the fourth major study into High Speed Rail in Australia. We need real action from the Labor government to bed down the project before a possible Abbott government.

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Govt must move fast to recognise local govt though election referendum

Lee Rhiannon 2 Apr 2013

Federal Labor is getting dangerously close to missing the deadline to hold a referendum on local government constitutional recognition to coincide with the September election, said Greens local government spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon, following reports today of NSW councils in dire need of secure federal funding to fix neglected bridges (SMH today, 'Councils go cap in hand to O'Farrell, Gillard for quick fix on decaying infrastructure').

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