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Live export cruelty continues: Ludwig's regulations fail

Greens MP and animal welfare spokesperson Lee Rhiannon has said that the latest report from the Agriculture Department on the live export trade reveals that the government's own regulations to prevent cruelty are failing.

"The government's commitment to clean up the live export trade is in tatters with today's news that two of the abattoirs where cruel practices occurred were Australian accredited," Senator Rhiannon said.

"Agriculture Minister Senator Joe Ludwig is misleading the Australian public when he argues that the Export Supply Chain Assurance System is working. 

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Greens congratulate Fremantle end live export protesters

Campaigners who locked themselves to a gate and ship today at Fremantle Port are to be congratulated for highlighting cruelty concerns associated with the live export of Australian sheep and cattle, says Greens Senator and animal welfare spokesperson Lee Rhiannon.

"Animal activists are understandably keen to gather evidence to publicly highlight the plight of sheep being exported. They filmed sheep heavily pregnant and with broken legs on the ship. 

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Estimate adventures with a cameo Yes Minister appearance

When I arrived in the federal parliament back in July 2011 I was told that the Estimates process was probably the best thing about the Senate. “Democracy in action” is how some describe this exhaustive process whereby Senators can ask endless questions of Ministers and senior public servants.

Having just finished my second week of Estimate hearings I do think they are excellent, although frustrating at times. Some Ministers and their bureaucrats are adept at side stepping the questions we pose. But then the challenge is with us to ask the right questions.

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Suspend export licences of companies involved in cruel live export footage: Greens

Greens Senator and animal welfare spokesperson Lee Rhiannon today called on Agriculture Minister Senator Joe Ludwig to immediately suspend the export licenses of any companies involved in exporting cattle to the Temur Petir and Cakung abattoirs in Jakarta, following disturbing footage of animal cruelty aired by ABC last night.

The Australian Greens will also move in the Senate today to bring forward debate on the Greens bill to ban live animal export that is currently before the Senate. 

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Shocking live export footage shows cracks in Ludwig’s new laws

Fresh footage of cattle slaughter at two Indonesian abattoirs, obtained by  ABC TV's Lateline program, shows serious and systematic breaches of the government's new Export Supply Chain Assurance System, said Greens MP and animal welfare spokesperson Lee Rhiannon.

"Agriculture Minister Senator Joe Ludwig must immediately confirm whether Australian cattle are going through the Temur Petir and Cakung abattoirs in Jakarta and, if so, commit to applying the strongest sanctions to minimise the suffering and distress revealed last night", Senator Rhiannon said.

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Estimates: Ludwig dodges questions on Middle East live exports trip

The Greens established in Senate Estimates today that Federal Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig, on his industry trip to the Middle East to monitor new ESCAS regulations governing live exports, took no animal welfare experts despite acknowledging that the scheme is about improving animal welfare outcomes.

"Failing to take animal welfare experts on this trip is akin to forgetting to bring food inspectors to a restaurant when safety standards are being audited," Senator Rhiannon said.

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