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Event: Time for Action on Sri Lanka war crimes

Lee Rhiannon 14 Oct 2011

Lee Rhiannon will be speaking at the following event on 27 October.

Shelves are groaning with reports by human rights monitors, amassing evidence of atrocities in Sri Lanka's civil war. Audiences in Australia - and many other countries - have seen the documentary, made by the UK's Channel Four TV, with its compelling visual material. And yet governments - and international bodies such as the UN and the Commonwealth - hold back from decisive action. What can Australia do? What can journalists do? What can you do?


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Question: CHOGM - Sri Lankan officials

Lee Rhiannon 30 Sep 2011

Question On Notice, Thursday 20 September 2011

(Question No. 1230)

Senator Rhiannon asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs, upon notice, on 20th September 2011:

1. What steps has the Australian Government taken, or is taking to investigate whether Sri Lankan officials seeking to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in October 2011 have not been implicated in war crimes.

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Major parties reject suspension of Sri Lanka from Councils of Commonweal​th

Lee Rhiannon 22 Sep 2011

The major parties, in rejecting a Greens Senate motion today calling for Sri Lanka to be suspended from the Councils of the Commonwealth, have failed to take action on the war crimes committed in Sri Lanka during the final stages of the civil war, Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

The motion below, supported only by the nine Greens Senators, follows a round table on Sri Lanka held at Federal Parliament on Tuesday.

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Sri Lanka should be suspended from the Councils of the Commonwealth, says roundtable

Lee Rhiannon 20 Sep 2011

A round table held at Federal Parliament today resolved to call for a suspension of Sri Lanka from the Councils of the Commonwealth pending an international independent investigation into war crimes (see backgrounder below). This is the first time that groups in Australia have publicly made this call.

Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon said: “Sri Lanka will continue to be the elephant in the room in Commonwealth forums until allegations of war crimes and discrimination are independently investigated and addressed.

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Question: CHOGM Visas

Lee Rhiannon 14 Sep 2011

Question on Notice, Wednesday 14 September 2011

(Question No. 1012)

Senator Rhiannon asked the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, upon notice, on 22 August 2011:

Can details be provided of who has applied for a visa to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting to be held in Perth in October 2011 as part of the delegation from Sri Lanka.

Senator Carr: The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship has provided the following answer to the honourable senator’s question:

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