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Rental index shows market failing renters in Bennelong area

Lee Rhiannon 1 Dec 2017

MEDIA RELEASE - 1 December 2017

Rental index shows market failing renters in Bennelong area.

Today’s Rental Affordability Index shows the Bennelong area is severely unaffordable for a single person on benefits and single pensioners. A single pensioner would typically pay 60 per cent of their income on rent, leading to significant housing stress.

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Greens call on government to respond to Meriton’s threat of evictions

Lee Rhiannon 3 Nov 2017

MEDIA RELEASE               

3 November 2017

Greens call on government to respond to Meriton’s threat of evictions

6000 households in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast face an uncertain future as a result of Harry Triguboff’s threat to not renew leases and to sell properties if changes are made to tenancy laws in favour of tenants, said Australian Greens housing spokesperson, Senator Lee Rhiannon.

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NSW government under pressure to back off Millers Point and Sirius eviction plans

Lee Rhiannon 7 Jul 2017

A group of prominent Sydney residents are calling on the NSW Liberal-National government to drop their eviction plans for the remaining Millers Point residents.

The situation is at a critical stage with the NSW Family and Community Services (FACS) refusing to accept the recommendations of the Housing Appeals Committee, which means evictions could start any day.

Responding to claims that the last 24 tenants are being made final “formal offers” which if they do not accept will result in eviction, Australian Greens spokesperson for Housing, Senator Rhiannon said:

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Protect Millers Point tenants statement

Lee Rhiannon 7 Jul 2017
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A useless housing budget

Lee Rhiannon 10 May 2017
The number of people who are homeless and the number struggling to buy their first home will increase under the Liberal-National budget, Greens housing spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said. 
“The Turnbull government has only offered superficial solutions to the housing crisis. There are fourteen supposed housing affordability measures in this budget, but none of them will do much to make housing more affordable. 
“Any housing plan that does not reform negative gearing and the capital gains discount is a sham.
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Housing plans doomed if govt abandons negative gearing and CGT reform

Lee Rhiannon 3 May 2017
The Greens say the Coalition’s refusal to reform negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount means their plan for housing affordability is doomed. 
“Continuing to allow investor tax concessions to supercharge the housing market is profoundly irresponsible,” Greens spokesperson for housing Senator Lee Rhiannon said. 
“Any plan for housing affordability in next week’s budget that gives a leg up to first home buyers without ending the gross advantages that investors receive will only bid up prices. 
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Hardly any homes for low income earners in the Illawarra

Lee Rhiannon 27 Apr 2017
The Greens say the latest Anglicare rental affordability snapshot illustrates the need for urgent State and Federal government intervention. 
Out of 13,447 homes advertised for rent in the Greater Sydney and Illawarra regions:
  • only 26 were affordable and appropriate for people living on income support payments (0.2%), and only five of those were in the Illawarra (0.03%)
  • only 625 properties were affordable and appropriate for people living on the minimum wage (4.6%), and only 101 of those were in the Illawarra (0.7%)
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Turnbull government's plan for housing is no plan at all

Lee Rhiannon 24 Apr 2017
The Turnbull government's plan is to do nothing, and continue to advantage wealthy property investors over everyone else, writes Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon.
Treasurer Scott Morrison claims that any attempt to wind back negative gearing would be a setback to renters. Clearly, that is a smoke screen. The Turnbull government is busy trying to distract from their own failure to touch some of the biggest policy levers available to them to address housing affordability.
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