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Greens plan for parliamentary action on family law firearm safety checks

The Greens are backing Gun Control Australia’s call for strong new family law firearm safety checks to better protect women and children from gun violence.

Greens gun control spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “The shooting of two teenagers in Sydney last week demonstrates the urgent need to strengthen licensing requirements for shooters involved in family law disputes.

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Let’s learn from Florida tragedy – Australia needs tighter gun control

Greens gun control spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has said the horrifying shooting at a Florida school gives further weight to the need to strengthen and enforce Australia’s National Firearms Agreement.

“The Florida massacre is deeply tragic. As we send our condolences to the victims and their families and wish those injured a speedy recovery we need to step up our efforts to consolidate gun control measures across all states and territories,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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All MPs must stare down Nationals call to import American gun culture

All members of Parliament in this country must put community safety first and stare down the Nationals call for self-defence to be considered a valid reason to own a gun.

Australia is fortunate enough to have some of the strongest gun laws in the world, allowing access to guns for self-defence would import America’s dangerous gun culture.

Greens  NSW Senator and Gun Control Spokesperson Lee Rhiannon said:

“The Prime Minister needs to grow a spine, stand up to the Nationals and reinforce his government’s commitment to the National Firearms Agreement.

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COAG call on terrorism set to fail if gun control not strengthened

Today’s stated commitment from COAG that they will implement a nationally consistent approach to counter-terrorism will be worthless if the National Firearm Agreement is not enforced and the Registry with details of where guns are held is not enacted.

Greens federal gun control spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “For two decades, not one Australian state or territory government has fully complied with the National Firearms Agreement.

“This is a gaping hole in our ability to respond to terror threats.

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National Gun Register now urgent

The Commonwealth Parliament must take immediate action and legislate for a national gun register.

The 2017 update of the National Firearms Agreement required a nationwide approach to registering firearms with a national information sharing hub at its centre.

Despite the agreement, the Liberal National party in both the Federal parliament and states such as Queensland and NSW has failed to act because of pressure from the gun lobby in its ranks and pro-gun MPs in Shooters parties and One Nation.

Greens Federal Gun Control spokesperson Lee Rhiannon said:

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Senator Leyonhjelm embraces a dangerous fringe gun culture

Liberal Democratic Senator David Leyonhjelm has shown himself unfit for office after he has failed to distance himself from a militant gun extremist with the self-styled title of 'The Sydney militia.' The local gun extremist has filmed himself openly brandishing a small arsenal of private weaponry and ammunition while celebrating the fact he received a T-shirt and how to vote cards from Leyonhjelm's Liberal Democratic Party. 

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