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Senate Estimates: Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee (Australian Information Commissioner)

Lee Rhiannon 2 Dec 2013

Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Senator RHIANNON: I was interested if staff numbers in any of the FOI units across government agencies have been reduced since the new government came in.

Prof. McMillan : Is that a question about the staff numbers across the Australian Public Service generally? 

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More transparency of MP allowances needed – how Labor and Coalition blocked Greens FOI plan

Lee Rhiannon 10 Oct 2013

The question I have been asked most frequently this week is why do some MPs use their allowances to fund their trips to weddings and sporting events. I obviously can’t answer that question.

I do think that the best way to stop these abuses is for the rules to be tightened and to require information on how MPs spend their money made publicly available in a timely fashion. In this era of electronic records there is no justification for delays and secrecy. 

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Speech on FOI law amendments – Labor/Coalition block

Lee Rhiannon 18 Jun 2013

Labor and the Coalition voted against Greens amendments to open up parliamentary departments to scrutiny.  They even voted against a very mild amendment, supported by the departments that would have limited the release of information to matters of an administrative nature.  This is the Hansard of the debate. 

In Committee

Bill—by leave—taken as a whole.


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