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World Vision Gaza allegations

Greens overseas aid spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has called for the DFAT inquiry into allegations that World Vision's Gaza branch director Mohammad El Halabi diverted tens of millions of dollars to the military wing of Hamas to be quickly resolved to ensure the people of Gaza are not denied urgent humanitarian aid.

"It is vital that the allegations are speedily resolved to ensure there is no disruption of humanitarian aid going into Gaza," Senator Rhiannon said.

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Greens in support of women on Nauru

Yesterday Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi joined the Australian Women in Support of Women on Nauru to launch the Protection Denied, Abused Condoned: Women on Nauru at Risk report. 

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon said, ‘When we deny women on Nauru protection, we condone their abuse. It is actually very straightforward. 

‘The Greens want to see these detention centres, which continue to be destructive to so many people, closed down. 

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Labor’s aid commitment far too weak

Greens spokesperson for international aid and development Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

“Labor’s plan to rebuild our devastated overseas aid budget is to reverse the latest Turnbull cut. That is their entire proposal.

“Today they are falling over themselves to confirm they will retain massive aid cuts under the Liberal National government, after Morrison accused them of having a budget ‘black hole’. 

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Treasurer cuts overseas aid, trashes own reputation

One of the most shameful parts of the 2016 budget are the cuts to overseas aid, Greens aid and development spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said. 

“This savage cut, which has driven down Australia’s overseas aid to its lowest level ever, is further proof that Treasurer Scott Morrison cannot be trusted,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

“In his first speech in parliament Mr Morrison gave great emphasis to the value of overseas aid. He said 'the need (for aid) is not diminishing, nor can our support. It is the Australian thing to do.'"

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Budget callout on overseas aid – show some decency, reverse the cuts

On the eve of the 2016 budget the Greens have renewed their call for the Turnbull government to reverse the Abbott era cuts to overseas aid and to restore some common decency and humanity to our overseas aid commitment.

"The overseas aid cuts in the last budget were so extreme. They have brought hardship and possible death to many people in low income countries and they undermine Australia's international standing," Greens overseas aid and development spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

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Prime Minister Turnbull a two-faced friend to Pacific nations

Prime Minister Turnbull’s pledge of $1 billion over five years to combat climate change is not only inadequate but it is also dishonest, Greens overseas aid spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said today.

‘Mr Turnbull is ripping this money out of an already decimated aid budget,’ Senator Rhiannon said.

‘The money promised by the Prime Minister has previously been allocated. He is double dipping. 

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Coalition aid cuts are hurting world’s most vulnerable

Australian Greens spokesperson for international aid and development Senator Lee Rhiannon says the Coalition's $11 billion cut to overseas aid is adversely impacting aid agencies.

"With 177 projects already cut from the aid budget, Australian overseas aid charities are rightfully anxious about the future of their work.

"Aid agencies such as ActionAid, World Vision, Plan Australia and Care Australia are being forced to withdraw or scale back many of their overseas assistance and development programs ahead of next month's budget.

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