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Equal pay win, pressure now on states to step up

Lee Rhiannon 1 Feb 2012

Greens Senator and spokesperson for women Lee Rhiannon today congratulated all those who have campaigned so hard over decades to achieve Fair Work Australia's decision today on equal pay for community workers.

"Equal pay for work of equal value is a human right but many women in Australia have been denied it. This is an historic win." Senator Rhiannon said.

 "The pressure is now squarely on employers and state governments to match the federal government's commitment to pay their fair share of equal pay orders by Fair Work Australia.

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Why it starts with girls

Lee Rhiannon 16 Dec 2011

Blog post by Senator Lee Rhiannon

Worldwide the number one killer of girls aged 15 to 19 years are pregnancy and child birth related complications.

I came across these startling figures as I have been reading up for a meeting I am attending on women's reproductive health in Bangkok.

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Australian Greens congratulate PNG for women’s rights bill

Lee Rhiannon 25 Nov 2011

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and Senator Lee Rhiannon congratulate the advocates for women in Papua New Guinea for the years of effort that have paved the way for an amendment to the country’s constitution to change the male-dominated Parliament before next year’s election.

 “The passage this week of the Equality and Participation Bill will mean that a clause can be added into the Constitution to establish women-only seats, taking affirmative action to combat unequal opportunity,” Senator Brown said.

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White Ribbon Day: fund 'Bsafe' violence alarm system

Lee Rhiannon 25 Nov 2011

On White Ribbon Day, Greens Senator and spokesperson for women Lee Rhiannon is calling on the Federal government to renew funding for the award winning 'Bsafe' program which provides personal safety alarms to women and children at risk of domestic violence, linking them to emergency services and allowing them to remain in their own homes.

Senator Rhiannon's Bsafe motion in the Senate is in full below. The program won the national Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Award in 2010.

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Federal govt does right thing on equal pay, pressure now on NSW to step up

Lee Rhiannon 10 Nov 2011

Blog post by Senator Lee Rhiannon

It’s a good day for low paid workers in the social and community sector, the majority of whom are women, as we inch closer to bridging the pay gap.  

Today, after a long negotiation with the ASU, Prime Minister Julia Gillard finally came on board today with support for the Equal Pay for Equal Work campaign. The Gillard government will fund its share of pay increases and will make a joint submission with the ASU to Fair Work Australia.

This is one step in a very long march for women’s equality.

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