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NSW public transport big budget loser

While the federal budget has made record investment in public transport infrastructure, with $4.2 billion awarded to new commuter rail projects in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, the Labor government has failed NSW commuters, Greens transport spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said today. 

Senator Rhiannon has criticised Transport and Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese for letting NSW come in last in the infrastructure stakes, attracting only 17% of the $15 billion Nation Building II funding announced last night.

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Minister Albanese "I've got a plan for you" approach to Sydney Airport exposed

Commenting on today's release of the Federal government's report into Wilton as a second airport site, Greens transport spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said this is another embarrassment for Labor as after six years they have no solution to many problems associated with Sydney Airport.

"Minister Anthony Albanese has been in the job for six years and he has failed to deal with aircraft noise impacts on residents or the future location of the airport", Senator Rhiannon said

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F2 to M3 motorway a lost opportunity to solve traffic congestion

The Greens have labeled the federal and NSW government's multi-million dollar funding of the F3 to M2 link as classic pork barrelling, putting Labor's electoral interests before real transport solutions.

Australian Greens transport spokesperson Senator Rhiannon said, "Once again federal Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese has reminded the public how close he is to the NSW Labor machine favouring big road infrastructure announcements to win votes.

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Call on federal Labor to back Newcastle rail retention to ensure success city uni campus

Greens transport spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon is calling on the federal Labor government to add their voice the retention of the Newcastle rail line to ensure the new Newcastle city university campus has the public transport services required to meet the needs of the thousands of students and staff who will come into the city centre each day.

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Albanese's appetite for transport Public Private Partnerships a recipe for disaster

The Australian Greens today warned Transport Minister Albanese off pursuing public private partnerships for major transport projects, pointing to a string of disasters from Sydney's airport rail link to Brisbane's airport link toll road (The Australian).

"While tackling congestion is critical, history shows government's have been left holding expensive lemons, draining the public purse and failing to deliver real solutions to transport gridlock," Senator Rhiannon said.

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High Speed Rail a winner for NSW, Albanese should put skates on

Greens Transport spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has called on Minister Anthony Albanese to fast-track High Speed Rail pointing to the benefits for the NSW economy, tourism and regional jobs growth.

"Anthony Albanese is very skilled in creating bridges built of reports, spin and empty consultation between elections to make him look busy trying to solve a problem," Senator Rhiannon said.

"This is the fourth major study into High Speed Rail in Australia. We need real action from the Labor government to bed down the project before a possible Abbott government.

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