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Adjournment speech: New South Wales Government: Environment

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (21:10): There is a great tragedy occurring in Sydney-in the centre of Sydney and in many of our suburbs. There is a slaughter of trees-a real carnage-going on under the Baird government. It is causing great distress to people, and I very much congratulate those people who are taking a stand. But at the moment the trees are not winning. The people are not winning. It is much harder because of the savage and very unfair laws that have been passed.

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Labor Senators refuse to support Newcastle City Council's push for environmentally responsible investments

The Greens have expressed dismay that their Senate motion in support of Newcastle City Council's Environmentally and Socially Responsible Investment policy was voted down today by the Coalition and Labor.

Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon said: "It's a shame that federal Labor have failed to back their colleagues on Newcastle City Council in their moves to update the Council's Environmentally and Socially Responsible Investment policy.

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Abbott and Baird sitting in a tree, A.M.A.L.G.A.M.A.T.I.N.G.

Abbott and Baird sitting in a tree, A.M.A.L.G.A.M.A.T.I.N.G.

The Abbott government has again demonstrated how out of touch it is with community sentiment when in the Senate today they supported the forced amalgamation policy of the NSW Baird government.

The Greens motion to support the right of communities to determine the future of their own local councils was defeated on the combined vote of the Liberal, National and Labor parties.

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Greens in Local Government

Greens Councillors serve on Councils and Shires across Australia. Their achievements are diverse and are delivering significant benefits beyond their immediate local government area.

Today there are more than 80 Greens Councillors in Australia. More than half are women. One of those women, Jan Barham from Byron Bay, was Australia’s first popularly-elected Greens Mayor.

Click the link below to download our leaflet on Local Government.

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