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Greens call on Serco to release Villawood staffing rosters

Commenting on reports of reduced staffing levels at Villawood Immigration Detention Centre (Guards to be cut at Villawood: union, Sydney Morning Herald, 8 June 2011) Greens NSW Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon said she remains concerned that Serco management are putting their company’s financial interests before those of its workforce and detained asylum seekers.

“Staffing levels at Villawood Detention Centre should not be cut,” Ms Rhiannon said.

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Off-shore processing and detention of children must stop

Lee Rhiannon, widely tipped to win a NSW Senate seat for the Greens NSW, congratulated those bringing a High Court case, which begins today, testing the lawfulness of current off-shore processing arrangements on Christmas Island. She also called on the Federal government to abide by its international obligations with regards to refugees and asylum seekers.

“Labor and the Coalition are arguing about which of our neighbours should bear Australia’s responsibility for processing refugees and asylum seekers,” Ms Rhiannon said.

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