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Media Release: Senator Rhiannon congratulates Opera House refugee protesters

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon has given the strongest support to Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance, the group that organised the Opera House banner drop calling for the Manus Island refugees to be evacuated to Australia.

“The WACA Opera House action is an incredibly important protest as it has amplified to the world that the Turnbull government has abandoned refugees on Manus Island,” Senator Rhiannon said.

“The Turnbull government’s abusive treatment of the Manus Island refugees should be investigated as crimes against humanity.

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Parramatta Greens Welcome Refugees event sends challenge to Coalition and Labor

The Parramatta Greens today urged the old parties to end their cruel treatment of asylum seekers and refugees.

A Welcome Refugees Picnic held in Parramatta was attended by nearly 40 people, including refugees from South Sudan, Syria, Sri Lanka, Iran and Iraq. Greens candidate for Parramatta. It was hosted by Parramatta Greens, ,the Refugee Action Coalition and People Just Like Us.

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Greens Senator congratulates activists arrested in refugee rights protest

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon has congratulated the refugee activists who occupied the Sydney office of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in a direct action protest against the detention, rape and abuse of refugees on Nauru and Manus Island.

Eleven of the protesters were arrested and detained by the police for over eight hours.

“The Greens support the call of the protesters to close the detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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Speech: Appalling Conditions for Asylum Seekers at Manus Island

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (19:25): 'After two years, Australia's experiment in offshore detention has been a disaster. Even the few people provided refugee status have been denied freedom of movement and the right to work. All should be allowed to move on with their lives in dignity and security.' That is a comment from Elaine Pearson. Elaine Pearson recently visited Manus Island in her capacity as the Australian director of Human Rights Watch. She visited Manus Island with Daniel Webb from the Human Rights Law Centre.

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Adjournment Speech: Lee Shares the Words of Lili Shapiro

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (12:46): Tonight I will share with senators an inspiring and at times unsettling speech by Lili Shapiro. It brings together a young person's views on Australia's positions towards refugees and climate change. Lili worked in my office last year as part of her year 10 week of work experience. Lili is a student at Canterbury Girls High School. These are Lili's words. She has provided references for the factual material she refers to:

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Hunger for Justice

The Hunger for Justice campaign which started today is an important grassroots initiative supported widely in the community. It is endorsed by Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, the Refugee Action Coalition, RISE (Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees), the Indigenous Social Justice Association, the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union, SEARCH Foundation and Aid Watch.

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