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Motion: Homelessness

Lee Rhiannon 16 Jun 2017

Thursday 15 June

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (12:27): I, and also on behalf of Senator Cameron, move:

That the Senate—

 (a) notes that:

   (i) according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the most recent statistics from 2015-16 show that 275 requests for homelessness assistance were unable to be met each day, and

   (ii) the Government has failed to raise real levels of federal funding for homelessness services and social housing in the 2017-18 Budget; and

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Speech: Real causes of housing crisis

Lee Rhiannon 16 Jun 2017

Wednesday 14 June

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (16:59): It is a time-honoured tactic of conservatives to scapegoat foreigners and blame them for social problems. If anyone has so far doubted that One Nation are part of the establishment, witness the xenophobia in this matter of public importance. Truly, this gives One Nation the credentials to be willing and able conservative government partners.

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Estimates: Community Affairs Legislation Committee: Social Services Portfolio: Department of Social Services

Lee Rhiannon 16 Jun 2017

Thursday 1 June

CHAIR: Senator Rhiannon.

Senator RHIANNON: I want to go to issues to do with housing in the Northern Territory. By how much does the Northern Territory's funding increase from 2017-18 to 2018-19 with regard to affordable housing and homelessness services?

Mr Pratt : Just to clarify, are you asking the question in relation to the current National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness?

Senator RHIANNON: Yes.

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Estimates: Economics Legislation Committee: Treasury Portfolio: Australian Taxation Office 

Lee Rhiannon 14 Jun 2017

Tuesday 30 May

Senator RHIANNON: Is part of the rationale for changes to MITs in relation to housing to encourage foreign investment?

Senator Cormann: It is to encourage additional investment in social housing, but I will let Treasury take you through it.

Ms Mrakovcic : As the minister indicated, the government is introducing a new investment vehicle in order to encourage affordable housing.

Senator RHIANNON: But it is to encourage foreign investment to some extent, isn't it?

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Estimates: Economics Legislation Committee: Treasury Portfolio: Department of the Treasury

Lee Rhiannon 7 Jun 2017

Monday 29 May

Senator RHIANNON: I just want to pick up on the First Home Super Saver Scheme aspect of your so-called housing affordability plan. Many economists, including Saul Eslake, have noted that some policy responses to soaring house prices have taken the form of measures which allow people to spend more on housing than they otherwise would. Will the super saver scheme have that effect by increasing the demand for housing, which in turn will have the effect of further inflating prices?

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Estimates: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee: Infrastructure and Regional Development Portfolio: Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Lee Rhiannon 24 May 2017

Monday 22 May

Senator RHIANNON: Can I just check if my questions can be asked here?

ACTING CHAIR: Certainly, Senator Rhiannon.

Senator RHIANNON: My questions are about the National Housing Infrastructure Facility. Can I ask them in this section?

Mr Mrdak: No, we have not been involved in that program, Senator, I am sorry.

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Urgent action needed on rental affordability

Lee Rhiannon 17 May 2017
The Rental Affordability Index for December 2016 released today shows urgent action needs to be taken by the Turnbull government, Greens housing spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said.
“The deeply shocking statistics about rental affordability keep coming, but we are not seeing any action from the Turnbull government,” Senator Rhiannon said. 
“In the recent budget there was no real funding increase for social housing and homelessness services, and no increase in rent assistance for low-income renters.
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A useless housing budget

Lee Rhiannon 10 May 2017
The number of people who are homeless and the number struggling to buy their first home will increase under the Liberal-National budget, Greens housing spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said. 
“The Turnbull government has only offered superficial solutions to the housing crisis. There are fourteen supposed housing affordability measures in this budget, but none of them will do much to make housing more affordable. 
“Any housing plan that does not reform negative gearing and the capital gains discount is a sham.
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