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$500,000 gun lobby donations puts public safety at risk

MEDIA RELEASE - 24 November 2017

$500,000 gun lobby donations puts public safety at risk

The Greens have renewed their call to ban political donations from the gun lobby following the release of data that shows firearm interest groups have donated close to $500,000 to political parties.

"Community safety is at risk if the gun lobby is free to hand over money to political parties and then lobby those same parties to weaken gun control measures," Greens gun control spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

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All MPs must stare down Nationals call to import American gun culture

All members of Parliament in this country must put community safety first and stare down the Nationals call for self-defence to be considered a valid reason to own a gun.

Australia is fortunate enough to have some of the strongest gun laws in the world, allowing access to guns for self-defence would import America’s dangerous gun culture.

Greens  NSW Senator and Gun Control Spokesperson Lee Rhiannon said:

“The Prime Minister needs to grow a spine, stand up to the Nationals and reinforce his government’s commitment to the National Firearms Agreement.

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Gun ownership research reveals critical need for national firearms registry

Media Release

12 October 2017

Gun ownership research reveals critical need for national firearms registry

New research by the Greens shows the extraordinary numbers of guns owned by private individuals in Australia and the urgent need for a national firearms registry across Australia.

Detailed gun data is available from NSW, the ACT and South Australia and it shows private individuals owning hundreds of guns in suburban Sydney, Newcastle and Adelaide.

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COAG call on terrorism set to fail if gun control not strengthened

Today’s stated commitment from COAG that they will implement a nationally consistent approach to counter-terrorism will be worthless if the National Firearm Agreement is not enforced and the Registry with details of where guns are held is not enacted.

Greens federal gun control spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “For two decades, not one Australian state or territory government has fully complied with the National Firearms Agreement.

“This is a gaping hole in our ability to respond to terror threats.

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National Gun Register now urgent

The Commonwealth Parliament must take immediate action and legislate for a national gun register.

The 2017 update of the National Firearms Agreement required a nationwide approach to registering firearms with a national information sharing hub at its centre.

Despite the agreement, the Liberal National party in both the Federal parliament and states such as Queensland and NSW has failed to act because of pressure from the gun lobby in its ranks and pro-gun MPs in Shooters parties and One Nation.

Greens Federal Gun Control spokesperson Lee Rhiannon said:

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Adjournment speech: Gun control

Monday 19 June

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (22:12): The Turnbull government have announced the first national gun amnesty since the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. With great fanfare, the government is attempting to use this gun amnesty to project a positive image of tackling terrorism and of reducing the number of guns in circulation. However, the reality is quite different in terms of what is being achieved.

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We need proper gun law reform - not empty law and order measures

Greens spokesperson for gun control Senator Lee Rhiannon has urged the Coalition to pursue sensible and effective gun law reform – and not just bang the law and order drum.
The Criminal Code Amendment (Firearms Trafficking) Bill is currently before the Senate. The Greens support Labor’s amendments to the bill. 
“This is the Coalition’s third attempt to push mandatory minimum sentencing laws through parliament in this way,” Senator Rhiannon said. 
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