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Lee blogs about her summer

Lee Rhiannon 5 Jan 2015

"Did you have a good break? What did you do?"

Thanks for asking. As we moved past Christmas into the New Year these are the common questions that have replaced the regulars of 2014 - "What's it like in the Senate with all the cross benchers?" and "Are Senators Abetz and Brandis really as bad as they come across?" 

So staying with the holiday spirit I have had a great break: family, friends, food, surf, bird watching, reading, movies, gardening, bush walking in varying combinations.

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Baird govt's Newcastle rail betrayal delivers for Liberal's developer mates

Lee Rhiannon 23 Dec 2014

The Greens NSW are passionate backers of the community action to retain the Newcastle rail line. This is a link to my latest media release.

At a time when the Baird government is fast losing credibility with the Hunter electorate, you'd think that they'd be more cautious about their plans to cut the Newcastle rail line - a plan designed to deliver prime harbour side land to the Liberals' developer mates.

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Baird govt’s Newcastle rail betrayal delivers for Liberal’s developer mates

Lee Rhiannon 23 Dec 2014

The Greens say the NSW Liberal/National government's plan to close the Newcastle rail line this week is another betrayal of the people of the Hunter.

"Despite two Liberal Newcastle MPs, Tim Owen and Andrew Cornwell, resigning in disgrace the Baird government is pushing ahead with the rail line closure which is nothing more than a land grab for their developer mates," said Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon.

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Newcastle community hurt by ABC Cuts

Lee Rhiannon 24 Nov 2014

The Greens say Abbott's lie that there will be ‘no cuts to the ABC' will be sorely felt in Newcastle, as the local radio station 1233 ABC falls victim to the government's axe.

ABC Newcastle will be downgraded to a regional operation, losing eight staff and two of its key presenters.

"Prime Minister Abbott's about face on the ABC is a betrayal of the people of Newcastle and regions across the nation, where the ABC is a vital source for local communities," said NSW Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon.

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Adjournment: Conscription

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (20:02): As commemorations of First World War events are being rolled out we should also remember that many courageous people took a stand for world peace and did not support this war. Some became conscientious objectors. The words of the last Anzac are a reminder that we should remember and honour these people. The last Anzac-the last Anzac for the whole world-lived in Tasmania, and he said on his deathbed:

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