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Response to Bob Brown comments

Lee Rhiannon 14 Aug 2017

“Bob Brown accuses me of being a team wrecker. 
“I have worked energetically and constructively with thousands of Greens members. I have worked cooperatively with Greens colleagues in both the NSW parliament and the federal parliament, even though that has sometimes not been reciprocated.  
“I am a team player, and respect the decisions of the party.

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Commentary on current developments in Palestine-Israel - Rhiannon visits region

Lee Rhiannon 25 Jul 2017

Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has just returned from Palestine-Israel and is available for interviews.

She was in the region for nine days and was in Jerusalem when the incidents at the Al Aqsa Mosque occurred.

At mass protests against the Israeli operations at the Mosque three young Palestinians were killed by the Israeli military. An increasing number of Middle Eastern countries are calling on the Israeli government to end their increased military presence in Jerusalem.

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Statement from Senator Lee Rhiannon

Lee Rhiannon 13 Jul 2017

“I am disappointed that a Party Room resolution has been leaked to the media instead of respecting the National Council process and letting it confidentially run its course.

“There are still things to work through confidentially with National Council and my NSW colleagues and I are fully committed to that process, but I do now need to respond to today’s article.

“I am delighted that Richard has backed down, reversed the suspension and confirmed that I will once again be fully participating in every decision of the Greens Party Room.

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Senator Lee Rhiannon reaffirms her commitment to public education

Lee Rhiannon 27 Jun 2017

Senator Rhiannon said,

“For the last 28 years of my political career I have been tireless and committed in my unswerving efforts to ensure public education in Australia remains fair, equitable, accessible and of the highest standard - whether it is in our universities, TAFEs or schools.

“Any suggestion to the contrary is false and personally insulting. It also fails to recognise the enormous contribution that Greens’ members, our partners in the education sector and our amazing volunteers have made to public education.

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Riverina Greens: Turnbull budget would rob millions of dollars from Riverina public schools

Lee Rhiannon 17 May 2017
Protecting funding for local public schools was identified as a top priority to maintain local education standards when members of the Riverina Greens local group met Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon on Saturday. 
"Our local public schools collectively would lose millions of dollars if the Turnbull budget plan is not blocked," Kevin Poynter, Riverina Greens spokesperson, has warned.
"Public schools in the Riverina cannot afford to lose any of the agreed funding allocation set out in the Federal-NSW Schools Funding Agreement.
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Statement in Support of Palestinian Hunger Strike

Lee Rhiannon 11 May 2017
More than 1,000 of the 6,500 political prisoners held by Israel are refusing food in protest of their degrading treatment. The collective hunger strike began on April 17 – the internationally commemorated Palestinian Prisoner Day under the banner of "Freedom and Dignity."
The prisoners on strike have not consumed anything but salt water since the open-ended strike began. They say the conditions of Israeli prisons have become unbearable and they are demanding basic rights such as regular family visits and adequate medical services.  
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