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Greens back Western Sydney Uni staff industrial action

Lee Rhiannon 20 Sep 2017

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon has called on Western Sydney University management to negotiate an Enterprise Agreement that ensures staff receive wages and conditions that increases their job security and job satisfaction.

“Western Sydney University management should know that their staff are the foundation of their education establishment, and that any move to reduce staff rights and conditions will be highly detrimental,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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Sabra and Shatila- an Australian response

Lee Rhiannon 18 Sep 2017
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VC Spence fails - Greens back striking Sydney Uni staff

Lee Rhiannon 13 Sep 2017

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon has congratulated NTEU Sydney University members for today’s strike action and has called on Sydney University management to reverse their decision to refuse to negotiate with the union.

“The fact that Sydney University staff are on strike today highlights the weak leadership of Vice Chancellor Michael Spence,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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Lee Rhiannon leads parliamentary NRL tipping

Lee Rhiannon 29 Aug 2017
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Scrap Turnbull government drug testing plan for Canterbury-Bankstown

Lee Rhiannon 23 Aug 2017

The Greens Canterbury Council candidate Linda Eisler and Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon said the Greens will work to build a broad based campaign to defeat the federal government’s plan to drug test Canterbury-Bankstown residents who receive income support.

“The Turnbull government is resurrecting the discredited ‘war on drugs’ strategy to try and win back support,” Senator Rhiannon said.

“The Greens will not support this punitive measure when it is introduced into the federal parliament.  

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Time for councils to pay respect and commit to #ChangeTheDate

Lee Rhiannon 18 Aug 2017

It’s time for NSW councils to make history and join with the growing movement in local government that are committed to #ChangeTheDate of Australia Day.

Yarra Council unanimously voted this week on an extensive motion to no longer refer to January 26 as Australia Day, stop holding citizenship ceremonies on this date and officially support the #ChangeTheDate campaign.          

Yarra is not alone with Fremantle and Hobart councils passing similar motions, and the Australian Local Government Association passing a resolution at its National General Assembly in June to:

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Senate calls for delay of NSW biodiversity land clearing scheme

Lee Rhiannon 16 Aug 2017

The Senate today passed a Greens motion to delay setting a commencement date for the NSW Biodiversity Offsets Scheme.

“The Total Environment Centre has raised several concerns about this scheme and we’ve been working closely with them to ensure standards are met,” said Senator Lee Rhiannon.

“The Liberal-National government has been attempting to trash biodiversity laws in NSW for years.

 “The Environmental Defender's Office NSW has argued that the new NSW scheme does not meet federal standards.

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Response to Bob Brown comments

Lee Rhiannon 14 Aug 2017

“Bob Brown accuses me of being a team wrecker. 
“I have worked energetically and constructively with thousands of Greens members. I have worked cooperatively with Greens colleagues in both the NSW parliament and the federal parliament, even though that has sometimes not been reciprocated.  
“I am a team player, and respect the decisions of the party.

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Commentary on current developments in Palestine-Israel - Rhiannon visits region

Lee Rhiannon 25 Jul 2017

Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has just returned from Palestine-Israel and is available for interviews.

She was in the region for nine days and was in Jerusalem when the incidents at the Al Aqsa Mosque occurred.

At mass protests against the Israeli operations at the Mosque three young Palestinians were killed by the Israeli military. An increasing number of Middle Eastern countries are calling on the Israeli government to end their increased military presence in Jerusalem.

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