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Greens say NSW's South East Forests too precious to lose - Lee Rhiannon visits Tanja State Forest

Australian Greens forests spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon will visit the Tanja State Forest tomorrow morning, where a population of koalas have recently been discovered. 

Senator Rhiannon will meet with locals and environmentalists to promote the Greens work that these native forests are too precious to lose.

"Koala habitat in NSW's South East, like that at Tanja, is under threat from native forest logging. While logging has been temporarily halted, the forest surrounding the local koala population is still targeted for woodchipping," Senator Rhiannon said.

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NSW koalas need stronger protection from Fed Govt: Greens

The federal government needs to step up protection for vulnerable koalas along the NSW coastline and west of the Great Dividing Range to stem declining populations under threat from logging, mining and rampant urban development.

ABC’s 4 corners will tonight show that koala populations are in the serious trouble in NSW despite the federal government moving in April to list koalas as a vulnerable species, following a Greens-initiated Senate Inquiry.

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Motion: Westpac, Solomon Islands and logging

Lee Rhiannon 15 Aug 2012

Motion - Senator Rhiannon:

(a) notes that:

(i) Westpac's environmental credentials have assisted it to promote the bank's business,

(ii) Westpac was the first Australian bank to adopt the Equator Principles, agreeing not to fund projects that endanger communities or the environment, and is a signatory to the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative,

(iii) the Solomon Islands is listed as having the highest percentage loss of rainforest in the Pacific,

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