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Carr should disclose business connections from lobbyist work

Greens Senator and democracy spokesperson Lee Rhiannon has called on incoming foreign minister Mr Bob Carr to publicly disclose which clients he has worked as a lobbyist for in the last five years and absent himself from Cabinet decision making which benefits these clients for five years after taking office (“Carr to sever corporate ties”, Financial Review, p 6 today).

Mr Carr is registered as a federal lobbyist for Macquarie Group and law firm Mallesons Stephen Jaques.

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Back in Sydney to the Obama questions

Blog post by Senator Lee Rhiannon

After a two week stretch in parliament I’m always keen to taste the reality of normal life. Catching up with family and friends is always a top priority, along with a bit of shopping and attending various local events.

Politics is never too far away as understandably those I meet are interested in how the Greens view the latest news out of Canberra. The changing of the guard in the Speaker’s chair and the Mining Tax have evoked some interest. But the big issue has been the visit of the US President Barack Obama.

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