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End Bankstown trial of income management and consult with locals: Greens

The Australian Greens have vowed to oppose the Bankstown trial of income management following last night's release of the Senate Inquiry into the Stronger Futures legislation report and evidence given to the committee questioning whether the government consulted with locals before announcing the Bankstown trial.

Bankstown is one of five locations nationally where the government is set to trial compulsory income management from 1 July 2012.

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No to Income Management! Public mtg Bankstown

Commenting on the public meeting to be held in Bankstown tomorrow Senator Rhiannon said,

"The Greens are holding this meeting to inform local Bankstown residents that if they are on a pension or any form of government entitlement next year they may be subject to an income management trial. This would mean they will no longer willl be able to determine how all that money is spent.

"The government plans to take over the management of about half of the money many people on benefits receive.

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Senator Rhiannon meets with groups opposing Income Management

Since the announcement of the expansion of Income Management a strong coalition has formed in Bankstown to oppose the policy, working in close cooperation with the ongoing campaign against the Northern Territory Intervention.

Today in Bankstown Senator Lee Rhiannon met with groups campaigning against the Northern Territory Intervention and federal government plans for income management in Bankstown.

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