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Lee's first day on the job

Blog post by Senator Lee Rhiannon

Today, ten months and ten days after the federal election, I have started work as a Greens Senator for NSW. We have finished unpacking the boxes and we have just sent out our first email to members and supporters.

Understandably many people are curious about what my priorities are. We have already had one discussion at the NSW Greens State Delegates Council meeting and I'm very interested in meeting with constituents and organisations that work on my portfolio areas to hear their views.

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Sue Bradford - 2008 Juanita Nielsen Memorial Lecture

The 2008 Juanita Nielsen lecture was given by New Zealand Greens MP Sue Bradford on 6 May 2008. Sue was first elected to Parliament in 1999. She graduated from the University of Auckland in History and Political Studies and later obtained a MA in Chinese and a Diploma in journalism. Sue’s speech is titled The Fight for Social Justice in the Age of Climate Change and Peak Oil – an Aotearoa Perspective.

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Jo Vallentine - 2005 Juanita Nielsen Memorial Lecture

The 2005 Juanita Nielsen memorial lecture was given by Jo Vallentine on 22 March 2005 on the topic of "Rise of a second superpower".

Jo Vallentine was the first Green in the Australian Senate. She was first elected as a WA Senator in 1984 on an anti-nuclear platform. Since leaving parliament in 1992, Jo has continued to work in community groups on justice, disarmament and environmental issues. Jo is a Quaker, committed to non-violence and passionate about her involvement in social change movements.

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