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Senate Estimates: Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee: Attorney-General's Portfolio (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner)

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Senator RHIANNON: Attorney-General, in May this year at the Senate estimates you said that the 2014 decision to abolish the OAIC was 'a good economy measure—and we have not changed our minds'. In what way, and to what extent, was it a good economy measure?

Senator Brandis: Well, we have changed our minds since, and I am pleased we have.

Senator RHIANNON: Sorry, could you repeat that.

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Senate Estimates: Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee: (Australian Electoral Commission)

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

CHAIR: I welcome the Electoral Commissioner, Mr Tom Rogers, and officers from the Australian Electoral Commission. Mr Rogers, do you wish to make an opening statement?

Mr Rogers: No, thank you.

Senator RHIANNON: Thank you for waiting till this late hour. Is the AEC confident in the integrity of the latest round of CFMEU elections?

Senator McKENZIE: The conduct or the outcome? Sorry, Senator.

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Senate scandals - will Coalition, Labor now back a National ICAC?

Lee Rhiannon 3 Nov 2016
The Greens say that the Bob Day saga gives added weight to the already strong case for a federal ICAC. Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said the Greens are renewing their push for a federal anti-corruption body.
"Since June the Greens have called for Day to answer questions about irregularities in donations and loans made from him and his companies to Family First," Senator Rhiannon said.
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Senate Estimates: Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee: Prime Minister and Cabinet Portfolio (Governance Group)

Lee Rhiannon 2 Nov 2016

Monday, 17 October 2016

Senator RHIANNON: Former resources minister Mr Ian Macfarlane, who had nine years as resources minister, was quoted in media coverage in late September as saying that he had checked his new appointment as CEO with the Queensland Resources Council with the PMO and that they were 'cool with it'. Is that accurate?

Ms Kelly: That is my responsibility. If I can just take a moment to find my relevant briefings, I may be able to answer that question. We are unaware of the answer to that question.

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Bob Day still has questions to answer

Lee Rhiannon 1 Nov 2016
Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Lee Rhiannon says former Senator Bob Day still has many outstanding questions to answer. 
“Bob Day will be remembered as the Senator who bankrolled his own political career with questionable political donations. Now we know that these donations were made around the same time that his building empire was leaving many, many people in financial ruin.
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PM Turnbull snubs Ministerial Standards a second time?

Lee Rhiannon 31 Oct 2016
Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Lee Rhiannon has warned that former trade minister Andrew Robb’s new job with Landbridge Group, who were awarded a 99 year lease over the Port of Darwin last year, may lead to a breach of the Ministerial Standards.
Statements by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) during the recent Estimates hearings suggests that the Prime Minister is mishandling former ministers taking jobs in the private sector. 
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Bob Day does a Palmer – donating to his own party while his business causes pain and hardship for many

Lee Rhiannon 17 Oct 2016
Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has commented on news that Family First Senator Bob Day’s national home building empire has gone into liquidation. 
“The Bob Day saga of political donations and a collapsed building empire is another reminder of the need for far reaching electoral funding reform,” Senator Rhiannon said. 
“While Bob Day’s building empire Home Australia was leaving many, many people in financial stress, Bob Day was pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into his own party’s coffers. 
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Motion: Ban political donations from banks

Lee Rhiannon 13 Oct 2016

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (15:58): I move:

That the Senate—

(a) notes that the National Bank of Australia has announced a voluntary ban on all political donations to avoid perceptions of impropriety or graft; and

(b) calls on all parties and members of Parliament to refuse political donations from all banks and financial institutions to avoid perceptions of impropriety or graft.

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