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Greens committed to reform that gives voters control over preferences

Lee Rhiannon 14 May 2015

Australian Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Lee Rhiannon has today affirmed her party's support for the abolition of group voting tickets in the Senate that allow political parties to control voter's preferences.

"The current Senate voting system does not allow voters to control their preferences - instead it gives that power over entirely to political parties," Senator Rhiannon said.

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Sydney Morning Herald misinformed and incorrect on Senate voting reform

Lee Rhiannon 7 May 2015

Commenting on a Sydney Morning Herald report ( that suggests the Greens are split on the question of Senate voting reform and would back a "minimum vote threshold", Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

"The only thing made clear in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald story is the fact that Mr Aston's unnamed source is wildly disconnected from Greens members and MPs.

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Senate voting reform about ending backroom preference deals

Lee Rhiannon 16 Apr 2015

Australian Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Lee Rhiannon has today reaffirmed her party’s support for Senate voting reform and criticised Senator David Leyonhjelm’s self-interested opposition to giving voters greater control of their preferences.

“Reforming the Senate voting system to take power out of the hands of political parties and backroom preference negotiators and give voters control over their vote is a fundamentally important and necessary democratic reform,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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Election report: Liberal/National MPs in dangerous move to limit voters’ rights

Lee Rhiannon 15 Apr 2015

The Greens will oppose a push by Liberal and National MPs to introduce changes that would make it harder for some people to vote. 

Coalition members of the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters have recommended imposing restrictions on updating the electoral roll and adopting identification requirements on voters in federal elections.

Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon, a member of the Committee, has said:

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Labor and Coalition must act to strengthen corruption watchdog

Lee Rhiannon 15 Apr 2015

Commenting on today’s High Court finding that ICAC had no power to investigate Margaret Cunneen, Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

“While this is a setback, the High Court decision should not be used as an excuse by the Coalition and Labor to step away from the fight against corruption,” Senator Rhiannon said.

“ICAC must be allowed to look into the conduct of individuals where it contributes to corruption. 

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OECD anti-bribery report strengthens Greens call for expanded whistleblower protection to private sector

The latest OECD assessment of anti-bribery measures that reveals weak protection for whistleblowers in Australia strengthens the Greens call for employees in the private sector to have the same protection as those in the public sector, Australian Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

“In December last year the Greens called for whistleblower protection to be extended to employees working for private higher education companies in receipt of millions of dollars of government funding,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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Greens call for UoW managers to end all donations to Liberal Party coffers

Commenting on reports that representatives of the University of Wollongong have paid to attend Liberal Party fundraisers, Greens spokesperson for higher education Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

“University of Wollongong’s senior managers should come clean the thousands of dollars that have flowed to the Liberal Party from the university – and several of its university-controlled entities.

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Senate calls on Pyne to fix public funding fiasco

The Australian Senate has today passed a Greens motion calling on the Federal Liberal party to return the $15 million of public funds it spent advertising its failed party higher education policy.

“Christopher Pyne might call himself a ‘fixer’, but his efforts to blackmail the Senate have failed – and so have his attempts to brainwash the Australian public.

“The Abbott government set aside nearly $15 million to spend advertising its doomed plan for $100,000 degrees.

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Election talk puts heat on Abbott to move on Senate voting reform

Lee Rhiannon 19 Mar 2015

As talk of the next election and a possible double dissolution heats up, Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has called on the Abbott government to get its priorities right and make Senate voting reform a priority for the coming sitting weeks.

“Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been sitting on a parliamentary report that recommends optional preferential voting for the Senate. It is time the government moved on this important reform”, Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

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