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Coalition/Labor challenged to stop candidates personally profiting from elections

Lee Rhiannon 24 Jun 2016

The Greens are calling for the Coalition and Labor to commit to urgent reforms of the electoral funding laws that would ensure that the millions of dollars that parties and independents will receive after this election cannot be used for personal or private purposes. 

“All parties should back the straight forward reform that would stop candidates profiteering out of elections,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

“All funding paid out to parties and independents should only be spent on party administration and election campaigns.

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Parakeelia - looks like a rort Liberals want to keep

Lee Rhiannon 17 Jun 2016

Commenting on the ongoing Parakeelia scandal engulfing the Turnbull government Greens democracy spokesperson Lee Rhiannon said:

"In the wake of the latest political donation scandal to engulf the Liberal Party Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should have committed to far reaching political donations reform to stamp out Parakeelia type scandals.

"The Prime Minister's failure to commit to a major clean up of political donations suggests that the Liberals want to keep the door open to dodgy ways of raising money.

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Greens call out Turnbull/Shorten hypocrisy over political donation deluge

Lee Rhiannon 14 Jun 2016

The Greens have stepped up their call for political donation reform as the Prime Minister and leader of the opposition go into overdrive with their multi-million corporate fund raising events that will bring in millions of dollars. 

“Right now Mr Turnbull and Mr Shorten are hustling for big corporate donations, a process of chasing private money that has a corrupting influence on our democracy,” Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Rhiannon said. 

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Greens call on AEC, Dept of Finance to investigate Parakeelia and Liberal connection

Lee Rhiannon 13 Jun 2016

Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has written to the Australian Electoral Commission and the Department of Finance requesting that both bodies investigate the relationship between Parakeelia software company and the Liberal Party of Australia and their associated branches. 

Senator Rhiannon said, “The Parakeelia scandal requires further investigation and today I have written to the AEC and the Department of Finance requesting that.

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Parakeelia scandal shows need for corruption watchdog and donation reform: Greens

Lee Rhiannon 9 Jun 2016

Greens parliamentary leader Richard Di Natale and Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Lee Rhiannon said today that the Parakeelia scandal should put the need for a national corruption watchdog and political donation reform back on the agenda. 

"Today's reports involving Parakeelia show why a national corruption watchdog and political donation reform are sorely needed," said Greens leader Richard Di Natale.

"It's no wonder that public confidence in politics is so low. 

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AHA, Liberals, Labor on political donation unity ticket against Greens, Xenophon

Lee Rhiannon 5 Jun 2016

Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Lee Rhiannon has commented on reports today that industry lobby group Australian Hotels Association will bankroll the major parties in order to target the Greens and Nick Xenophon. 

“Once again the AHA have been caught out donating to the major parties with the Intent to undermine parties and candidates who work for limits on unfair gambling.

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Call for AFP investigation - Turnbull must act on Hockey hire car habits

Lee Rhiannon 31 May 2016

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been urged to support an investigation by the Australian Federal Police into reports that former Treasurer Joe Hockey’s Cabcharge account has been misused. 

Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “Considering how the former Treasurer and his colleagues quickly referred the former speaker Mr Peter Slipper to the AFP the same rules should apply in this latest scandal.

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Australian Greens statement on Norfolk Island

Lee Rhiannon 27 May 2016

The Australian Greens have significant concerns about the changes to Norfolk Island’s governance and the way these changes have been implemented. We note reports that a motion calling for a referendum was supported by eight votes to one in Norfolk Island’s parliament. We also note reports that a popular vote calling for a referendum was supported by an overwhelming majority.

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