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Caps on donations and greater transparency key to saving our democracy from big business influence: Senate Inquiry

The Australian Greens today called upon Labor and the Liberals to back reforms to cap political donations and increase transparency to help restore the public’s faith in our democracy, following the release of a blockbuster report into the influence of these donations in Australia.

Leader of the Australian Greens Dr Richard Di Natale, who served as Chair of the Senate Select Committee into the Political Influence of Donations, said the report threw open a curtain on the sordid underbelly of influence peddling in Canberra.

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Speech: Bondi Pavilion

Lee Rhiannon 13 Sep 2016

Senator RHIANNON  (New South Wales) (21:34): Bondi Pavilion is one of the nation's jewels. Recognised in 2008 by the Australian government as having 'exceptional' cultural significance, the National Estate listing identified Bondi as 'one of Australia's most treasured places' and 'one of the world's most famous beaches where Australians meet nature's challenge in the surf'. Bondi Pavilion is a central part of the Bondi experience. However, this stunning cultural and beachside centre faces a precarious future.

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Speech: Reply to the Governor-General

Lee Rhiannon 31 Aug 2016

Senator RHIANNON  (New South Wales) (12:12): The Governor-General's speech on behalf of the Turnbull government failed on many counts. It failed on one of the most critical issues that this government should be grappling with: how we protect our democracy. The word democracy did not actually appear in the speech at all. There was a vague mention of democracies in general but not Australian democracy and the urgent reforms that are needed.  


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Speech: Donations to Political Parties

Lee Rhiannon 31 Aug 2016


Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (19:38): In recent days political donation scandals have dominated the media and at times debate in this place. It is thanks to the New South Wales corruption watchdog, ICAC, and also to the bill pay system that Senator Dastyari uses that has turned the spotlight on the corrupting influence of political donations.


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New report: motorway lobby donates over $13 million to Liberal, National, Labor parties

Lee Rhiannon 30 Jun 2016

New research by the Greens Democracy4Sale Project reveals that the motorway lobby has donated more than $13 million to the Liberal, National and Labor parties over 15 years.

CMIC, also known as Leightons, was the second biggest donor of the companies analysed handing over more than $3.3 million to the major parties.

Leightons is part of a consortium of companies that have won more than $8 billion worth of contracts from the NSW Government across the first two stages of the WestConnex project.

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Greens plan to strengthen local government

Lee Rhiannon 16 Jun 2016

LAST Friday, Greens Calare candidate Delanie Sky and Greens MP David Shoebridge were in Oberon to discuss with council and community members opposition to forced amalgamations and to launch the Greens' plan to strengthen local government in the regions.

"The Greens have been listening to the needs of regional councils, and we are promising to deliver fairer funding and respect the rights of local communities to control their own futures," Ms Sky said.

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Time to clean up politics

The Australian Greens are today calling on the Labor, Liberal and National parties to work with them to clean up politics. 

“Today I’m calling on Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten to commit to not accepting donations from fossil fuel companies during this election campaign,” said Australian Greens Leader, Dr Richard Di Natale.

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Voters will decide next election result

Lee Rhiannon 18 Mar 2016

The Australian Greens are proud to have reformed the Senate voting system to allow voters to choose their own preferences above the line, and not have to number every box below the line on their ballot papers.

"We have made history this afternoon. We have taken power away from back room operators and given it to voters," said Greens Leader Richard Di Natale.

"Standing on the shoulders of Bob Brown and Christine Milne, and with the support of so many people around the country, we're proud to finally deliver this long overdue reform.

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Debate on the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Donations Reform) Bill 2014


I am pleased to resume my contribution to the debate on the Greens' Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Donations Reform) Bill 2014.

If passed, this bill would stop certain industries, often linked with having a corrupting influence on the political process, from donating to political parties. The Greens' donations reform bill bans political donations from developers and the tobacco, alcohol, gambling and mining industries.

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