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Questions on Notice: Greyhounds

Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee
Additional Estimates February 2013
Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Question: 64
Division/Agency: Biosecurity Animal Division
Topic: Greyhounds
Proof Hansard page: Written
Senator RHIANNON asked:
1. In a letter to Humane Society International regarding export of greyhounds to Macau, the Minister stated that the Australian Government will continue to request updates on Macau's progress to introduce animal welfare legislation.

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Ban import of live primates for research

The illegal trade in primates is recognised as one of the biggest threats to biodiversity conservation. Most of these primates are born to wild-caught captive monkeys in Asian facilities set up as lucrative money making facilities, then sold as captive breeds.

The Greens' bill does not ban the use of primates for research or the importation of primates for other purposes, for example for zoos.


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