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Estimates: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (Department of Agriculture)

Senator RHIANNON: Which countries currently import kangaroo products?

Dr V Findlay : There are 68 countries. Just let me find my list, but I am not sure you want me to read out all 68.

Senator RHIANNON: No, I do not want you to read them out. Could you take it on notice, and could it include what kangaroo product is imported, the weight of the imports for each of those products and the financial value of each product, and could that be since June 2013?

Dr V Findlay : Yes, we have that information available.

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Greyhound industry abuse expose: time to stop all government funding and industry incentives

Commenting on Four Corners ‘Making a Killing' which has exposed evidence of extreme animal abuse in the greyhound industry as a result of investigations by Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Australia Queensland, Greens spokesperson for animal welfare Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

"The Greens join animal protection groups in calling on state racing bodies to instigate life bans on individuals found guilty of live baiting, and for specialist government task forces to take over the regulation of the industry.

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Nationals misleading on kangaroo numbers and job benefits

By blindly supporting a Senate motion about developing and expanding the commercial shooting of kangaroos, the Liberal, National and Labor parties have shown they know little about the kangaroo industry, Greens spokesperson for animal welfare Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

Senator Lee Rhiannon said: "The Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia claims the industry is worth $270 million pa and supports 4,000 jobs.

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Greens unequivocally stand for rights of whisteblowers exposing animal cruelty

The Greens will be working closely with animal welfare groups to ensure Liberal Senator Chris Back's bill to prosecute whistleblowers and investigators who expose animal cruelty is not passed.

Greens spokesperson for animal welfare Senator Lee Rhiannon said: "Senator Back and his Liberal and National party colleagues should be addressing animal welfare concerns in factory farming instead of persecuting whistleblowers trying to stop animal abuses.

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Liberal Senator's ag-gag bill targets whistleblowers

Liberal Senator Chris Back's bill to prosecute whistleblowers who expose animal cruelty should not be passed as it would restrict the important role of whistleblowers and investigators working to end animal cruelty, Greens animal welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

"Undercover investigators play an important role exposing abuse of animals which, in many cases leads to prosecutions.

"The reframing of such actions as ‘criminal' by Senator Back attempts to divert attention from those who commit the animal cruelty.

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Animal welfare supported - no cruel cosmetics motion passes Senate

In a positive step for animal welfare the Australian Senate has passed a motion that recognises the importance of ending the import and manufacture of cruel cosmetics.

The motion was supported by all parties and most crossbenchers.

Greens animal welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said "Now we have cross party support we need to pass legislation to ban all animal-tested cosmetics and ingredients.

"I recognise and thank Senator Anne Ruston for her commitment to the issue of ending animal-tested cosmetics and ingredients.

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China live export deal means more cruelty, bad news for farmers, rural communities

Commenting on a deal to expand Australian live cattle exports to China, Greens spokesperson for animal welfare Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

"Instead of working with farmers and the industry to rebuild domestic meat manufacturing, the Abbott government has again chosen to turn a blind eye to the suffering of animals shipped for live exports.

"Opening up abattoirs across regional Australia would create thousands of jobs and help secure Australia a stronger place in the expanding international trade in processed meat.

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