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Greens back new live export report: economic gains from domestic processing

The Greens say a new report from the World Society for the Protection of Animals, showing an additional 1300 jobs could be created and $204 million injected into the Northern Australian economy if 400,000 cattle were slaughtered locally rather that sent as live exports to Indonesia, boosts the case for a ban on live exports ("Abattoir call to end live exports", The Australian, p 2 today).

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Australian Greens submission to ACCC re Egg Corp 'Free Range' Standard application

Community expectations that factory farmed animals will be treated in a humane way continues to grow in Australia. This welcome development is matched by people increasingly seeking out free range products. They're particularly hungry for free range eggs. "Free range" eggs are the fastest growing part of the egg industry, and in fact are the only segment to grow in sales since 2010, by a substantial 24%. The problem is there is no national Australian Standard or consistent legislated definition of what is a 'free range' egg.

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Tassie win on battery hens, sow stalls: federal action needed

Tasmania's move to ban battery hens and fast track a phase out of sow stalls should push the Gillard government to lead all Australian jurisdictions towards the same goal, says Australian Greens animal welfare spokesperson Lee Rhiannon.

"Tasmania has set a fine example and now is the time for federal action to push for regulatory reform of factory farming in other state and territory jurisdictions," Senator Rhiannon said.

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Live export cruelty continues: Ludwig's regulations fail

Greens MP and animal welfare spokesperson Lee Rhiannon has said that the latest report from the Agriculture Department on the live export trade reveals that the government's own regulations to prevent cruelty are failing.

"The government's commitment to clean up the live export trade is in tatters with today's news that two of the abattoirs where cruel practices occurred were Australian accredited," Senator Rhiannon said.

"Agriculture Minister Senator Joe Ludwig is misleading the Australian public when he argues that the Export Supply Chain Assurance System is working. 

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Lee and Jeremy Buckingham join Greens Leader Christine Milne in Orange on first stop of listening tour

Lee Rhiannon is joining Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne and NSW Greens MP and former Orange City Councillor Jeremy Buckingham in Orange on Wednesday 18 April.

Senator Milne will begin her promised listening tour of regional Australia with a visit to orchardists and graziers around Orange. 

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Greens reintroduce bill to ban live exports

Media release - 21 March 2012

The Australian Greens this afternoon reintroduced a bill into the Senate to ban live animal exports, the Live Animal Export (Slaughter) Prohibition Bill 2012.

"The live animal export trade is cruel, inhuman and immoral and the vast majority of Australians want it shut down.  This Greens bill would put an immediate end to the horrific treatment of Australian livestock in overseas abattoirs", said Greens Senator and animal spokesperson Lee Rhiannon.

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