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Estimates: Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Australian Research Council)

Lee Rhiannon 3 Jun 2015

Senator RHIANNON: I would like to ask about the Industrial Transformation Research Program. I understand that the purpose of this $40 million program is to foster closer collaboration between industries and universities. What I am trying to understand is whether the research hubs based at the universities are collaborating with specific businesses or just industry in a generic sense?

Prof. Byrne : I would like to perhaps table this document-

CHAIR: Hello! You can tell it is Education today!

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Estimates: Economics Legislation Committee (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)

Senator WILLIAMS: Okay. This has been very controversial, this issue of free-range eggs. You said on 14 November last year:

Some have expressed concern there is no government standard that producers need to meet to be a free-range producer. We see no need for any standard …

You were reported in Melbourne on that Thursday. How do you define 'free-range eggs'?

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Estimates: Community Affairs Legislation Committee (Department of Health)

Senator RHIANNON: Dr Richards, I also had some questions on NICNAS and animal testing. I came in when you were in the middle of some of your questions; I apologise if I am repeating any. I want to start off with some process questions, so that I can understand the situation. What information does NICNAS require companies to provide about animal tested substances in order to fulfil data requirements set out in the industrial chemicals act?

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Estimates: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (Australian Maritime Safety Authority)

Senator RHIANNON: I understand that AMSA is responsible for monitoring flagged vessels compliant with safety and environment protection standards, including the safe carriage of livestock as cargo. Is that correct?
Mr Prosser : That is correct.
Senator RHIANNON: Under the Australian standards for the export of livestock, who is responsible for on-board ship inspections of livestock vessels in Western Australian ports?

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Estimates: Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee (Australian Federal Police)

Lee Rhiannon 28 May 2015

Senator RHIANNON: Commissioner, when AFP personnel travel overseas on official business with family or friends, do the family and friends have to be given a security clearance?

Mr Colvin : The only time that AFP would travel overseas with family, certainly not with friends-are you talking official travel?

Senator RHIANNON: Yes, official travel.

Mr Colvin : I could not imagine a reason they would be travelling officially with friends, unless they were officials as well.

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Estimates: Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee (Australian Electoral Commission)

Lee Rhiannon 28 May 2015

Senator RHIANNON: This is question reference number F77. I have put some questions in on notice about multiple voting, and in response to those questions you sent your submission to JSCEM about the matter, but there were two questions that you said were not applicable in answering, but I actually could not find answers to them when I looked at the submission. They were: 'If you use software, does it incorporate algorithms?' and 'Are the set of instructions for any algorithms used determined by AEC staff?' I could not find any reference to that in the report.

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Estimates: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (Infrastructure Australia)

Senator RHIANNON: Was Infrastructure Australia aware of analysis conducted by the Roads and Maritime Services, which was referenced in The Sydney Morning Herald, that shows significant traffic increases on 10 major Sydney roads following the completion of all stages of WestConnex, before it was published in The Sydney Morning Herald on 26 May this year?

Mr Roe : I am sorry?

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Estimates: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (Infrastructure and Regional Development Portfolio)

Senator RHIANNON: In response to my question on notice No. 33 from last February, you provided a table listing each project that is in line to receive more than $100 million in federal government funding. In that table, alongside the WestConnex road, you state that Infrastructure Australia had conducted an assessment of the project at the time the funding was allocated.

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Estimates: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (Animal Health Australia)

Senator RHIANNON: With regard to Animal Health Australia's newly launched National Farm Biosecurity Technical Manual for Egg Production, in the document in section 23 on free-range production operations, page 26, it states: 'Some AI'-avian influenza-'of the H5 ... subtypes ... have in the past caused EAD outbreaks in the Australian egg industry'. I was just interested in whether you can supply details of the number of recorded cases of AI in the Australian egg industry.

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