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Women's Suffrage in Australia

Lee Rhiannon 25 Jun 2012

Lee, together with Labor Senator Claire Moore, gained support of the Senate for a motion to recognise anniversaries of women's suffrage in Australia.

Motion - 25 June 2012

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (15:35): I, and also on behalf of Senator Moore, move:

That the Senate—

   (a)   notes that 2013 is:

      (i)   the 110th anniversary of women winning the right to vote and the right to stand in elections in Australia, and

      (ii)   the 70th anniversary of the election of the first women to the Federal Parliament; and

   (b)   encourages responsible agencies, including the Office for Women, the parliamentary departments and the Museum of Australian Democracy, to mark these anniversaries with suitable events such as displays, lectures, seminars and the updating of existing exhibitions.

Question agreed to.

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