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Williamtown residents class action

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 4 Nov 2016
Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon says the class action lawsuit filed against the Department of Defence this week is an understandable consequence of the Department’s failure to properly act on this issue.
“It should never have come to this. 
“After over a year of patience, aguish and stoic resilience, residents in Williamtown feel that they have exhausted all other avenues and have filed a class action lawsuit against the Department of Defence. 
“But the Department of Defence have failed time and time again to communicate clearly with the community, to set out plans for remediation, to guarantee some level of compensation, and to enter into critical discussions about property devaluations and buybacks. 
“Instead, the level of action we have seen from Defence Department has been sluggish and passive at an absolute best. At worst there is radio silence. 
“The Greens have put questions to the Department, asking for an update on how each item under the $55 million package assistance announced in June is progressing. We are currently awaiting a response.
“We remain extremely concerned at the lack of information about assistance offered to workers who may be exposed to toxic levels of PFCs, including current and former Defence staff and contractors. 
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