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What will my degree cost?

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 4 Jun 2014

The Greens have launched a website to help the millions of students, graduates, future students and their families understand how the Coalition Government's extreme and regressive changes to higher education are going to impact them.

The website ‘What will my degree cost?' gives every individual the chance to estimate the direct financial impact of these changes by adjusting variables such as what course they study, their total student debt and their starting salary.

"What will my degree cost?' will also expose Christopher Pyne's dishonesty in regards to his cruel and sexist higher education reforms," said Greens higher education spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon.

"Christopher Pyne's modelling reported in The Australian today is significantly out of line with predictions in his own budget papers.

"Rather than graduating with a very generous stating salary of $67,848 in 2019, as Mr Pyne predicts, his own department says graduates will only be earning 74.3% of average male weekly earnings - or closer to $55,400*.

"Budget papers also estimate 30.1% of graduates will not find work within 4 months of finishing university in 2017-18.

"My Pyne also applies incredibly generous pay increases to his hypothetical graduates of 10 per cent.

"Such salary progression might have been the norm for Mr Pyne when he was working as a solicitor, but they aren't what graduates today will experience.

"Mr Pyne should also explain where his average starting salary of $67,848 is from given that on average, nurses will graduate with starting salaries of $49,000* per annum, teachers with $55,000* and scientists with $55,000*," said Senator Rhiannon.

*in 2014 dollars

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