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Turnbull must act now – shut down Free Enterprise Foundation, clean up political donations

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 1 Apr 2016

The Liberal party’s slush fund the Free Enterprise Foundation should be wound up by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as the first step in a major overhaul of political donations before the coming election, Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said today. 

“With mounting allegations that the Free Enterprise Foundation was used by senior Liberal Party members to launder political donations banned in NSW, the Prime Minister must show leadership to stop the erosion of public confidence in our democratic institutions,” Senator Rhiannon said.

“The NSW Electoral Commission has confirmed what many have long suspected. The Free Enterprise Foundation has been used by senior Liberal officials as a way to offer anonymity to donors.

“The NSW ICAC has received evidence the Foundation was used to ‘wash’ prohibited donations. 

“The odour of corruption associated with political donations is mounting on the eve of the 2016 federal election. 

“The Prime Minister is attempting to deal with this crisis by sidestepping the issue. This is a time for leadership to take our nation out of the stinking mess of the corrupting influence of money politics.

“While we need greater transparency on political donations the critical reforms to close the current loopholes and restore public confidence are a ban on political donations from for profit corporations, tight limits on other political donations and strict caps on election expenditure,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

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