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Turnbull government fails to announce new National Firearm Agreement

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 3 Mar 2017
Australian Greens gun control spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has commented on the National Firearms Agreement 2017, which has been quietly uploaded to the attorney general’s website.
The agreement gives a green light to the lifting of the import restriction on the Adler A110 and other lever-action shotguns. 
“This is a significant agreement and it follows a fierce campaign from both gun control advocates and the gun lobby,” Senator Rhiannon said. 
“We know there are many within the Liberal-National government who want to see our strong gun laws watered down and who consider the promotion of public safety to be ‘red tape’.
“Given the Turnbull government’s internal party tensions over gun control issues we were never expecting them to make a song and dance about the NFA, but it is truly astonishing that they have made no announcement. 
“They are quite happy to make noise about ineffective gun control measures like mandatory minimums, but have nothing to say about a new national agreement?
“We remain worried that the import restriction on lever action firearms could be lifted, and we remain concerned that DIY magazine extension kits can easily convert firearms to allow for more shots than is technically acceptable. That’s what we would call a loophole.”
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