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Turnbull failed to heed ICAC – promoting Sinodinos another PM blunder

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 19 Jan 2017


18 January 2017

Turnbull failed to heed ICAC – promoting Sinodinos another PM blunder

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to promote Senator Arthur Sinodinos in his mini Cabinet reshuffle reflects the PM’s arrogance and poor judgement, Greens industry spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

“It is extraordinary that the Prime Minister has promoted Mr Sinodinos in light of his role as a company director and his dubious evidence at ICAC hearings,” Senator Rhiannon said.

“When Mr Turnbull attempts to defend his choice of Sinodinos by comparing his actions to Bill Shorten’s decision to hand pick Kimberley Kitching to fill a Senate vacancy it provides more evidence of the poor state of the PM’s leadership.

“Mr Sinodinos testimony was memorable for the number of times he uttered ‘I don’t recall’ and ‘I don’t remember’ in answer to straight forward questions about his time as Chair of Australian Water Holdings.

“The evidence alone should have been enough to disqualify Mr Sinodinos from consideration for a Cabinet post.

“Mr Sinodinos when he was AWH Chair received two warnings about the serious state of his company’s finances. One was from the head of Sydney Water at the time, Kerry Schott.

“This alone should have been enough for Mr Turnbull to rule out Mr Sinodinos.

“And there’s more that should not be forgotten.

“Mr Sinodinos’ time in the ICAC witness box elicited many unsatisfactory responses regarding the laundering of banned developer donations to the NSW Liberal Party. At the time Mr Sinodinos was chair of the NSW branch’s financial committee, as well as AWH Chair.

“Mr Sinodinos has not been found to be corrupt.

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