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Turkey cruelty: Farmers Fed calls for tougher trespass laws misguided

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 21 Mar 2013

Calls by Jock Laurie of the National Farmers Federation for tougher trespass laws for animal welfare campaigners collecting vision of animal welfare abuses, in light of revelations of cruelty at an Inghams turkey processing plant, is a desperate attempt to turn the tables on activists currently performing the proper role of government to monitor and stop animal cruelty, Senator Rhiannon said.

"Animal welfare groups are doing a sterling job in exposing animal cruelty both domestically and overseas. Devising new laws to stop them doing what is properly the job of government is regressive," Senator Rhiannon said. 

"Highly organised and effective groups like Animal Liberation, Animals Australia and the RSPCA are the heroes of the public and the animal welfare movement and deserve accolades not tougher sanctions.

"Ag gag laws in the US, aimed at organisations working undercover and taking pictures or video of animals without permission, are designed to frustrate the light being thrown on cruel factory farming practices. They have no place in Australian law.  

"The National Farmers Federation should be condemning animal cruelty, not plotting ways to shut down the reports of intensive farming practices that are so shocking to Australians," Senator Rhiannon said.

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