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Trump Jerusalem move a distraction for home; but Palestinian resistance will triumph

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 7 Dec 2017

Media Release - 7 December 2017

Trump Jerusalem move a distraction for home; but Palestinian resistance will triumph

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has condemned the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocate the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv.

Senator Rhiannon said, “Civil society has always been the defender of justice for Palestine, and this current move by Trump will not stop that. Resistance endures and the Palestinian resistance will triumph.

“The Australian government should stand with Palestine. We cannot allow Palestinian rights to become the sacrificial lamb to provide a distraction for a President who continues to prove that he is a president for the wealthy elite before anything else.

A few days ago Republicans in the US Senate passed a $1.4 trillion tax cut for high-income individuals and big corporations. This is a cut that will directly benefit hundreds of companies controlled by Trump.

“One has to question why Trump has decided to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital now.

“The US has always been a dishonest and biased broker in Palestine/Israel, and Trump isn’t really doing anything new. He is however, being far less covert about it.

“World leaders, including Australia, have long abandoned the Palestinians and left the door wide open for the US to take sole control of the issue of justice.

 “Since the illegal occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967 the United States has actively supported Israel in its continued ethnic cleansing of the land of Palestine and in particular the attempt to change the identity of Jerusalem as an Arab, Muslim and Christian city.

 “I visited Palestine and Israel in July this year, during the time that Israel was attempting to increase its control over the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

“What followed in the days and weeks after was a demonstration of what I have seen amongst the Palestinians living in their homeland as well as the Palestinians I have worked closely with in NSW – the determination of resistance.

“Palestinian civil disobedience ultimately drove Israel to retreat from its incursion on the Al Aqsa mosque, and it will be the civil society in Palestine and around the world that will continue to pressure the US to side with justice” said Senator Rhiannon.

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