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Thank you Miranda - your 457 day forest treesit inspires

Lee Rhiannon 8 Mar 2013
Ascending III

Blog by Lee Rhiannon

Thank you Miranda.

Thank you for your campaign to save Tasmania's forests and thank you for the inspiration.

Miranda Gibson for 457 days lived high up in the 'Observer Tree' in one of Tasmania's stunning forests. Yesterday, with a wildfire burning to within a kilometre of her treesit home, she had to leave. I share the relief of so many that she is safe on the ground.

It must have been hard for her to say goodbye to the Observer Tree but thankfully she did.

In our kitchen in our Sydney office we have a poster of Miranda waving from the platform of her treetop home of 15 months. This beautiful photo of a remarkable young woman has been a regular talking point for staff and visitors to our office.

We have reflected on the sacrifice Miranda has made; thought of her parents and loved ones and how proud and concerned they must have been; marvelled at living in a tree top through a Tasmanian winter.

All our conversations have been quite emotional - while we were excited by the strength of Miranda's forest campaign and the work of her support team from Still Wild Still Threatened, everyone has had real concern for Miranda's safety.

The fact that she remained safe and healthy in her small treetop home is because Miranda is truly amazing, using her treesit to elevate the campaign to protect Tasmania's forests.

Skyping into press conferences, pushing out the blogs and social media comments Miranda has built up a huge worldwide following of supporters who now feel her passion and understand the urgency of this campaign.

I remain deeply moved by this poster of Miranda standing on her platform. It reminds me when I had the opportunity to visit her in her leafy home. We lunched and chatted for a few hours. It is one of my most special days I have had in this job.

Thank you Miranda for welcoming me to your leafy home, for your uplifting campaign for the forests and for the inspiration of taking a stand.

Happy International Women's Day to Miranda and all those women who take a stand for our environment and our communities.

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