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Suspend export licences of companies involved in cruel live export footage: Greens

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 29 Feb 2012

Greens Senator and animal welfare spokesperson Lee Rhiannon today called on Agriculture Minister Senator Joe Ludwig to immediately suspend the export licenses of any companies involved in exporting cattle to the Temur Petir and Cakung abattoirs in Jakarta, following disturbing footage of animal cruelty aired by ABC last night.

The Australian Greens will also move in the Senate today to bring forward debate on the Greens bill to ban live animal export that is currently before the Senate. 

"The RSPCA Chief Scientist has identified 61 breaches of the government's own supply chain assurance system at the Temur Petir and Cakung abattoirs - that's 61 reasons to put a full stop to the live export trade", said Senator Rhiannon.

"Acting swiftly and decisively to suspend the export licences of any company shipping cattle to those abattoirs would send a clear message that the government is taking animal welfare seriously.

"Senator Ludwig must come clean with the public about whether Australian cattle are being exported to the Temur Petir and Cakung abattoirs.

"Making this information public would not compromise a departmental investigation and Senator Ludwig's silence is telling.

"Either Senator Ludwig can't track whether those two abattoirs receive Australian cattle or he is wilfully hiding information. Either way the public can have little confidence in the government's own systems to protect animal welfare.

"This latest shocking footage of animals in great pain and distress underlines the fact that there will never be an Australian official monitoring at each abattoir.

"The Greens will move in the Senate today to bring forward debate on our bill to ban live exports. It is time to end the cruel live export trade and create new jobs in abattoirs in regional Australia", said Senator Rhiannon. 

You can listen to Lee's interview on ABC News Radio here

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