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Statement from Senator Lee Rhiannon

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 13 Jul 2017

“I am disappointed that a Party Room resolution has been leaked to the media instead of respecting the National Council process and letting it confidentially run its course.

“There are still things to work through confidentially with National Council and my NSW colleagues and I are fully committed to that process, but I do now need to respond to today’s article.

“I am delighted that Richard has backed down, reversed the suspension and confirmed that I will once again be fully participating in every decision of the Greens Party Room.

“It is clear that I will continue to be involved in discussions and decisions of Party Room on all matters, including when we are in balance of power. As such I do not think there is any need for this new ‘subcommittee’ and I think it sets a bad precedent, but I am pleased it does not have the power to make decisions.

“The suspension was always unconstitutional and unnecessary, so I am glad Richard has changed his mind. I look forward to continuing to fully participate in the federal Party Room in accordance with the Australian Greens Constitution,” said Senator Rhiannon.

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