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Sinodinos and NSW Liberals dodgy donations make mockery of democracy

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 24 Mar 2016

Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has backed calls for the Turnbull cabinet secretary Senator Arthur Sinodinos to stand aside over findings that illegal donations were made to the NSW Liberal Party during the 2011 state election campaign. 

At the time Senator Sinodinos was the party’s finance director and treasurer.

 “Prime Minister Turnbull should immediately require Senator Sinodinos to stand aside until a full disclosure is made. If the NSW Liberals refuse to reveal the identity of their major donors he should be required to resign. 

“Corrupt corporate political donations make an absolute mockery of democracy. 

“The NSW Liberal Party specialises in abusing the current disclosure laws.

“These latest development again highlight that our political donation laws are vastly inadequate. Disclosures are too slow and the process is notoriously corruptible. 

“Five years after the NSW Liberals were bankrolled by a slush fund is five years too late for them to be facing consequences.

“Clearly we cannot expect political parties to play by the rules, and if we don’t sort out our political donation laws we will see this happen again and again. 

“We need national, uniform laws on political donations in place before the next election.

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