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Senator Rhiannon meets with groups opposing Income Management

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 8 Oct 2011

Since the announcement of the expansion of Income Management a strong coalition has formed in Bankstown to oppose the policy, working in close cooperation with the ongoing campaign against the Northern Territory Intervention.

Today in Bankstown Senator Lee RhiannonĀ met with groups campaigning against the Northern Territory Intervention and federal government plans for income management in Bankstown.

"No to government Income Management - not in Bankstown, not anywhere" has been endorsed by more than 40 organisations including Unions NSW, the NSW Council of Social Services, the Migrant Resource Centre, CatholicCare and UnitingCare.

Commenting on today's rally Senator Rhiannon said, "One of the Bankstown elders I met with a few weeks back described income management as 'one of the ugliest things that has been done to Aboriginal people.'

"The strong message I have heard from the Bankstown community is that this policy should have been stopped by Labor when Howard was defeated, not expanded in so called trials across the country."

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